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Yes she is beautiful lady no doubt about that and that's one thing you say about the trump administration yeah the hot babes all my money from the from the from the First Lady and I hope Hicks yeah good grades on guns you know they may know about it now let me update you on what the has gotten under my skin today and then we'll tell you their side of the story and then we'll move on to the other stuff we'll take your phone calls to six one five seven three seven nine nine eight six it started with the story that the vast stamp set me about a guy who escaped from the fairgrounds he was quarantine a homeless guy jumped the fence man so I first saw the story and I saw him in a picture you know his mug shot I guess it is and we don't want a homeless folks have such great hair I don't understand that but anyway he's got it looks like an orange jumpsuit on trust okay well this must be one of the inmates they're trying to get out of the jail and they put in the fairgrounds no from what I'm told he was he was not an inmate he was just a homeless guy it coronavirus and so they've been quarantining the folks in the fairgrounds which I have no problem with that either I mean if you know but he decided he want to leave and so he jumped the fence they tracked them down arrested a man threw in jail for is skipping a penal institution so apparently the fair grounds is a penal institution they don't wanna sing it is no Phillips a quarantine well you didn't charge him with the escaping a quarantine you charged with escaping a penal institution so in other words the fairgrounds now is a prison and you're in you're guilty if you've got coronavirus so I saw the ads and then somebody else send me the story from Tennessee lookout health department gives names addresses of Tennesseans with Colbert nine thing to law enforcement and they're saying you know they have the right to do this and blah blah blah okay so here's the response and this is from channel two the names and addresses of Tennesseans who have tested positive for covert nineteen are being provided to first responders law enforcement and paramedics and restraint agreement deem necessary to help prevent the spread of coronavirus the agreement was finalized on April third between Tennessee's department of health and the state's emergency communications board according to documents obtained by the Associated Press now I want to really put my finger on the we haven't covered all of the governor's press conferences did he make this statement out front and tell people they were gonna do this I'm not saying he didn't but he should've I mean this is a big move so we're gonna take all the claim of virus patients and we're gonna turn their names over to the police the agreement was finalized on April third so what has been going all that long but it's been going a month or so here's what they said in the agreement it says health is disclosing to T. E. C. B. then when they say help with the health department a list of names and addresses of individuals documented as having tested positive or receive treatment for Colbert nineteen health intends to update this list daily after thirty days on the list an individual's name and address will roll off the list wink wink health may cease disclosure of the list upon the termination of the statewide state of emergency for Colbert nineteen the agreement known as a memorandum of understanding was not publicized would win a year ago was not but why was it not publicize when it was signed because people like me probably raising hell about it when the but instead distribute to local leaders across the state Tennessee look out first reported on the agreement today and that's where we got the story the Associated Press is also obtained a copy of the agreement as well as an email from governor leaves office alerting city mayors of the news Brandon Gibson leads senior adviser says on April third we know all the first responders access to information regarding coal would nineteen cases is of utmost concern and she continued by saying once the M. all uses the memorandum of understanding executed the department of health and ECB expect the information flow to begin fairly quickly we ask your patience is the progress begins and please know that the health and safety of all Tennesseans as our primary goal so they're saying it's to protect the first responders and somebody respond me we will the first ones go blind are people going blind from corona virus I haven't heard that story yet no I don't want the first responders going blind the first respond you let me just back up before I say this you remember when you used to go get your blood drawn and nobody wore gloves they can wear those latex gloves remember that it was a time they did not know they can wear gloves you know why they started wearing gloves because of aids so the assumption is you've got aids until they know better well the assumption with first responders now is if you've got coronavirus in Philly nobody they're wearing masks and they're wearing gloves and they're protecting themselves from anybody they come into contact with because they don't know who has it so telling them who has it I mean I don't even know if they can actually so you're responding to an auto accident right are you going to stand there on the side of the road and wait to get a confirmation from the health department or the police department as to whether this person may have call with nineteen are you gonna go in assuming they do protect yourself and do what these first responders do which is to try to save lives I think you're going to do that so I'm not buying for a second this is the sapi this is to make sure that your quarantine and now we know if you bust out of the quarantine they throw you in jail and so don't tell me that's not what they're going to do because they just did it today and the health department saying well this is the first known case of this well it probably going to be the last so if you're wanting people to get tested this and let the health department know that they have corona virus you think this is going to help and this is exactly why they didn't make it public on April third when they did this because I knew at that point the people who would be self reporting as far as corona virus are getting tested and then we were who were not hospitalized would come to an an absolute standstill is I'm tell me again I'm just telling you from my own opinion and I have to preface this by this because I know I'm gonna catch heat from this regardless but I'm not encouraging to do did you to do anything I'm just giving you my opinion if I started coming down with symptoms of corona virus there is no way in hell I get tested there is no way in hell I would get tested knowing that they're going to protect me into the police and then what happens if I venture outside well let's you know let's say I don't have a bad case of what I want to walk down the street or something overlooking come arrest me and throw me in jail for ex gaping a penal institution which is my own home so if you're encouraged if you want people to be forthcoming about whether they have corona virus the same the way to do it this I can tell you and so that's where we are today and again I want to say it again I'm not encouraging you not to report yourself if you think you have coronavirus I'm not I'm just telling you what I would do this is my own personal opinion I can't imagine I would subject myself to this well so what if you go have to go to the hospital gets a bit well if I go to the hospital then that's a different story in the mill no but most people are going to go to the hospital most people going to ride it out so how many people do you think now we're just going to ride this thing out never tell anybody and then you'll never know who has it in how would spreading or where it's going but here's how we know how to not spread it it is for you to stay at home if you're vulnerable no I'm not telling you have to and I don't think the state or the federal government E. bike should tell you have to stay home you know the risks and you know if you're in one of these high risk categories elderly and or underlying health issues are obese but you have a chance of dying it's not a great chance but it's a it's it's a burning I mean we're talking about fifteen percent chance of dying and you can look at and say I'm eighty five percent chance of living and you don't you don't but I wouldn't take those odds if I were one of those health group so hi would stay home regardless of what's going on out there right now I would stay home if I were in that health group so now you know the information you can make the decision on your own because this is a free country but no no no no no we've got to keep these people away from me what what I mean keep away from you if you've got the risk you're already keeping yourself away from everybody else including anybody who may or may not have it that's to me the way our free society functions you give the people the information will fill one of the elderly don't stay away from folks then it's on them if somebody that's in a high risk category the side screw it I'm gonna go out and do whatever I'm gonna go to a restaurant or whatever they come down with corona virus then it's on them but again you're trying to protect them from themselves and that's not what the government designed to do the government is designed to give us the information so that we can protect ourselves but now we're turning people into criminals if they got covert nineteen and I'm telling you people are going to want to be criminal and have their names and addresses turned over to the police and so you're going to see a I would if this if the word gets out now I'm you know I'm just one guy over one radio show for now but if this story becomes widespread and everybody hears about this I would say I would probably venture to say that we're gonna see a a dramatic down pick N. N. Colbert nineteen positive cases out there because people are going to report we want them to reported going we want to know what the facts are we want to know how many we've got we wanna know what we're dealing with and you're encouraging them not to do so because you're going to treat him like a criminal and I think that's the exact opposite approach you should take but that's just me now Mike pence's spokesman is tested positive and he's the instant pot is Katie Miller and she you know she's married till she's married to Stephen Miller who was a White House White House adviser he's with trump all the time so she's got it he's probably got it the question is has anybody given to the president thanks all the same time A. B. C. was running the store today saying this president has not visited one hospital where their coronavirus page of coronavirus patients showing them his sympathy and support as are you serious you really want the president of the United States to visit cold would wards are you kidding me why in the heck what we want that what they want because they will be gets it well the president of the United States should be as far away from a cold ward as he possibly can anyway Katie Miller has it she was last seen with pence on Thursday yesterday when the vice president delivered personal protective equipment to a nursing home in northern Virginia and now we got what's his face late night gotta not Fallon but the other day the guy was on the main show Jimmy Kimmel he's claiming that the that he was delivering empty boxes which I'm sure they had mask in them so they felt or looked like when he's caring them this nothing in them because they're light but you know this is the latest thing pence is using this as a prop so Miller's merry to Stephen Miller adviser to president trump who works in the west wing near the oval office trump confirm Miller was the staff who tested positive during an event with Republican lawmakers in the White House she's a wonderful young woman he says Katie tested very good for a long period of time and then all of a sudden today she tested positive she hasn't come into contact with me but spend some time with the vice president pence was tested today was negative trump the vice president mows White House stamp which would include Miller's husband Stephen are now tested on a daily basis Miller was a constant presence in the White House press room when president trump the vice president member the coronavirus task force a brief the media on administration's work combating the disease and so I'm sure she's been sent home well they haven't called.

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