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Fuck out because everything is just so overblown in conjuring like people are walking crab lake or there's missed that come out of nowhere like clearly or a lorraine warren can see like operations in everything she can kind of see the past clearly. This is all made up i would. I would rather see what really happened. I that's actually croupier. But i unless you really like these types of movies. I would pass on. This one goes through the first conjuring think that's much better All right mark. Would you watch the fast and furious movies. I didn't watch your drift. Because i made these smart decision that i didn't think any of it would really come into play for at nine and i was correct outside of the characters. Come back but i already Also i'll i'll leave it. Short f nine is pretty good It's an improvement over the last movie And i think it might be a fourth on the list for me best Best furious movies Which is top half since there's only nine But i'm just glad they did the thing And i'm looking for them to go a little further on that And i don't want to spoil it for anyone but also the one thing i'll say is tyrus has really embraced the role of just being the dumb comedy fodder in those movies at it is amazing. But there's no shame embarrassment. Though you know i always got to look good in movies. Thing is the idiot in the entire movie ended his phantom So there's a lot more this Out is that spoiler but they do reference the fact that somehow he has not died and movies like there's a whole segment of the movie talking about that in a very stupid way and and it's really good So i do recommend it. I saw on an i max. I forgot how loud movies were in the theater. This is my first one and sonic the hedgehog or maybe birds of prey..

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