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To break up the fight. Police were called in and three women were arrested. Thank god Just fyi why. New york city's rule requiring proof of vaccination for indoor restaurant dining jim all that entertainment venues has been in effect since august seventeenth but according to multiple outlets the ruling just recently started in la to. Here's the deal. Ya vaccine as. I mean if you're won't get vaccine of but the people who have decided to be safe you can't put them at risk. Sorry rule asking you you mad at her. Cause you ain't got no vaccine. That's all she just a host at the restaurant. Yeah balls told her for vaccine. Come and now you'll ask to jail and you'll meals on really jane no appetizer and a experience. It is cold is hail. Uk say warm. This up they don't wanna hit it. Okay get what i wanted today. Wow it's really bad dignity almost not gonna podiums down. I saw somebody sent me the video. No i haven't seen somebody acted like. I like what you jump on this show. And she's a young woman jump on her because she asks you a question about a vaccine. Are you serious as much at what point. At what point do you think when you look in the host is as then they don't give you see when when we love talk about people were coming up and it was so unbelievable. I'm pretty sure people are in shock at first. And then you go. Oh my god. They're beating her up. You know jumped on her. He paid lady from houston. That's a hell of a woman. I'm telling you i'm telling all right well coming up at twenty minutes after the hour we're going to look into the mind of j. anthony brown right after you're listening to morning show all right steve. Introduce your boy gentlemen. Jay anthony brown. Thank you so much. Mr harvey question. Today i have tuna by me. I'm just saying thank you in thinking. I have questions. Two sets of questions for two groups of people sets of questions. The first question is to the men who have a nice head of hair a nice as head of here but journey. The question is how how much four head is allowed. I need to know how. Wait a minute if you have a nice set of ever. Nice grade of air. What's warhead four head that is allowed without anybody anything and the reason is 'cause i'm seeing a lot of nice man and a lotta huge foreheads. An on me on men. I'm sitting on men to know what's he got his texans yet on today's case say different people junior steve junior. Yeah there's some guys. All i hear you but i'm not looking to your head over to see how far back the union junior junior spang reclining is not see. Your hairline is back. Which has this. Oh no talking about junior. Let me let me be. Let me be specific. Let me put these. Police spun is a commentator and losing one thousand one is third people. Okay comedian sean. I love rashawn. Air steven naismith. I'm not. I'm going with who we all know who isn't talking back james. He said commentator. That's only comedian. Far back is coming up in thirty minutes after the hour. Show right after this. You're listening to morning show fifty year old hip hop legend and houston's own rapper scarface. We all know him well scarface just got a life lifeline. And his battle with kidney failure scarface had a serious case of kobe. Nineteen which doctors say knocked out his kidneys and he had to be put on dialysis scarface had made public pleas for help in getting a new. Ken kidney but recently he told the world he found an answer. Closer to home. According to cbs news in houston scarface is son thirty year old christian. Chris joyner chris. Jordan said why not. He's my dad kamal So why not king is my dad scarface scarface posted on social media. A black and white picture of him and his son with the caption. Someday we'll look back at this and laugh about it. Thanks to you chris jordan. I'll be there to a real superhero while that's my man jordan. Bay bread georgia's guy. Good guy. good guy that's awesome A great father. Son relationship steve. I love what the son said. Why not he's my dad you know.

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