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Tell me how reliable okay summer seventeen is about to be so because regina hall jada pinkett smith queen latifah tiffany hadish made this movie called girls trim and his mouth four black women that travel down to the essence fast the la which may have heard of it is just regina is she carries the movie amac steel share anything more the napa is such a beautiful celebration of black womanhood and sisterhood and everybody's gonna go there with the girls to see this movie so exciting you know it's except when i read it like one of the things you know i just i mean i am a black woman but i loved black renowned think i'm biased whereby i might be but one of the things i always feel like is that we're never fully actual is you know that we are sexy and funny and smart and you know precocious in little rhody but also extremely classy like we are all things you know and i i felt like this film celebrated how supportive we are one another um how much we look out for one another and then how brilliant we are at motherhood at friendship at at our jobs you know what i mean at ed as journalists you know obviously leaves character so i just i felt like being able to show us do some crazy stuff like they show other women do all the time we are that we know we are that and more so it was funded just be able to.

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