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Texas game warden around today combing the area along the San Jacinto river and Rio villa trying to find that missing boater and another one to the race for Houston city councilman sue Laval is running for mayor she announced her campaign today saying she wants to focus on public safety infrastructure and raising quality of life she served on the council from two thousand six to two thousand twelve years Mister Turner is looking for a second term in office this fall the facing a lot of challengers other candidates already include councilman white weakens attorney Tony Busby and businessman bill king K. T. R. H. news time at seven oh three president trump assigned that for a half billion dollar humanitarian relief bill for the southern border partisan compromise providing more than four point five billion dollars in humanitarian assistance at the southern border has been signed by president trump but he says Congress must do more to address mass migration we change the silent we can have seventy five percent of it done the rest has to be done on the loopholes S. migrations out of Central America undermined the future of those countries Congress passed a humanitarian package last week after house Democrats drop demands for tighter restrictions on my grid detention facilities and safeguards on funding in Washington Jr Halpern fox news bridges shut down in downtown Houston due to concerns over falling debris no vehicles will be allowed on the branches bridge over highway fifty nine it's Smith and Holman because of those issues Houston public works says it'll be months to get the six hundred sixty foot long bridge repaired bridge opened in nineteen sixty nine Astros are sitting six players to next week's major league all star game in Cleveland that's the most of any team and includes first time all star relief pitcher Ryan Presley.

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