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It's how you react. Right now, I think I'm reacting, okay. So Caitlyn Vieira versus Misha Tate. Kaylyn beer is coming off she coming off. He beat Jana, katana. She beats cigar Eubanks. She lost. I read out danya by knockout, but that girl I think has better striking than Misha Tate, just make sure doesn't have a grinder. Kind of an old school, Randy couture types, he gets you down and just lays on you and pounds you, not that you can't do it. But doesn't seem to have that one punch really pop. And sajara Eubanks does, but Cesar's jar Eubanks tires out quickly. And Jana has not really looked that well in her last couple fights. She lost she had knocked out by irina Donna. She beat Kaitlyn Vieira. She beat Bubba Wallace. She lost to ask them lab, I knock out in round three. So I'm saying, I think that Misha Tate wins his fight. I do. I think Misha Tate is a different fighter right now, and I think that she's fresh. She wants it. She came to my comedy show. She laughed. She seems to be at a happier place. Doesn't have all the stress on her. And I think she's a different fighter. I do. Michael chiesa versus Shawn Brady. This fight, you know, I think that I've been buying into the Sean Brady hype, which how can you not? The guy looks like a fucking monster. But you look at the guys he's fought. He Jake Matthews by triangle. That's awesome. Jake Matthews is a strong, strong guy. Tough guy from Australia. He'd be Christian or aguilera, he'd be court McGee. He beat his male nerdy up. All those guys are good guys, okay? They're all they're solid. But let's look at Michael chies resume. Vincente Luke, he lost. He beat Neil Magny bad. He beat how I felt dose anos bad. He beat Diego Sanchez bad. He beat Carlos Condit by Kimura. He lost Anthony Pettis. That was three years ago, actually over three years ago. He lost to Kevin Lee. That was a weird stop. Remember that? And that was just I think that was like the weekend after I got married. And then he beat Daniel Darius. And I was there for that. I was a weird fight. That was a very weird fight. I wasn't there for that, but he I couldn't believe it he'd be Darius. You see, like, submitted him. So look at level of opposition, and I think he has to take it, because, you know, Sean Brady is coming up, he's looking great, but he's looking great against guys on that be your sea level. Kiesa has this been in there with fucking monsters and has always come on the top, but experience is a bitch. And I don't think yes is ready yet. To say, you know, all right, you know, and also he also sometimes like, yeah, I think he's gonna win. Joanne calderwood. That girl, by the way, I took a leg kick from her because that was my pile, trained me to come do his, he was like, hey, man, let's do, you know, we could training and then he just, he started to pretend he knew it was a real fight. He's like, you got way in tomorrow, and you got the press conference. I'm like, dude. Fucking tired. In Vegas, I got shows all night, I'm not really a fighter. This is getting weird at the same time. I love the guy. Anyway, so he said, one of my payments to him was getting kicked in the leg by Joanne calderwood..

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