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Can make a secure e pledged there and WNYC really is a community. And you know, sometimes it's hard to see because New York is enormous. But and it's so diverse vibrant. But WNYC is a great place for that vibrancy to take home and take root, and then had that happens because you would listener calls and contributes during these pledge drives this is the second to last day of our fall pledge drive here at WNYC again. The number is eight eight three seven six nine six nine WNYC dot org. I'm Sean Carlson from the newsroom joined by Jacqueline Cincotta, the programming director here W. Hey, Sean, and thanks to everybody who's made a contribution so far. Of course, we appreciate it. We appreciate every single pledge. Whether you make it now or anytime of the year, we really do. Thank you. And that's one of the nice things about these on air fundraisers. It's another option. Opportunity to say, thanks for playing that role with WNYC for making that call to eight eight eight three seven six nine six nine two eight eight eight three seven six WNYC WNYC dot org. It's been a bit of a different day today. There's a lot of breaking news here happening in New York and some other locations in the country. We're going to keep you abreast of all that all things considered coming up in just about fifteen minutes with the latest news on what's going on. And what we know we've been breaking in all day long to give you news updates and provide press conferences from the mayor the governor and the president. That's what your dollars pay for when you when you contribute at eight eight eight three seven six nine six nine two. And right now, we're also taking asking you to take a few moments to think about the takeaway. And what you're getting what you're hearing on this show now with Tanzania Vega..

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