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Learn is Ron Don from my eyes large somebody somebody kid. Body five. Somebody. Alexa, play hits from Queen. Okay. Amazon music voices. All you need get tens of millions of songs. Download the Amazon music app today. Hello, everybody Taylor here bringing you the state of mid oposite the world today, as you may know, I cover all things about menopausal band. There's nothing I don't cover look at it. Every which way I just want you to talk about I want you to know about it. I want you to be able to navigate and manage your menopause, your way, and the only way you can do that is with some education that is entirely unbiased and very complete. So I cover everything diet lifestyle vitamins minerals herbs tackles for moral medications nonverbal medications, even acupuncture notice and today, we're going to talk about the hormone testosterone. Now, you know, we are always talking about estrogen. It's women estrogen. Estrogen is our hormone is. A female hormone. But it's really important to discuss two stroke two. And the reason it's important to discuss testosterone is because it affects us we need to talk about this, male hormone testosterone. So we have to start at our bodies to. She said, it's not our major hormone. And maybe of the things that many women experience during menopause are resulted changes in their levels of just Ostro. So you might have to stroke or you might have too much to Suster. And either case you might want to tweet your to SaaS removal. So this is going to help you zero in on what you need to know about ten Susteren. So that you can do whatever you need to do with your testosterone status will probably change over the course of your Muna Hawes UIL life. So. So you might need. They're just of few times and this little radio show. My help you do that. So there are different categories of testosterone. And it might surprise. You learn that there are technical and herbal sources of testosterone as well as bio identical and Bennett to stop through. So see I just barely got started. And I bet you already learned something you're probably realising there's more to stop than you realize just beginning you might be shocked to discover that some of the spices that you use regularly actually have to started. So first, let's review about this stuff, or, you know, it's the male hormone, but your seed meal body, I'm assuming you're female. You're listening to this. You might not be you might be a male. That's fine. He listening. I might at times, a sooner female, the female body produces small quantities testosterone. In the ovaries and in the dream clamps. And when you go through menopause, your testosterone levels draw just like the levels of estrogen and progesterone. So some women notice some symptoms that represent testosterone deficiency the symptoms of testosterone deficiency would be lack of energy decreased, sex, drive difficulty having an orgasm sending a hair, including pubic care decrease muscle mass Beaumont, which is otherwise known as a steel versus and decreased feelings of Welby, but at menopause for woman estrogen drops, more than two stroke. So so what? Also experience symptoms of destroyed excess and if you have to softer excess as one you notice mood, swings aggression, or anger acne. They shall here. Usually in the form of whiskers course, Dr really wire hairs possible deepening of your voice, weight gain and in creased six. Strength. Sounds crazy doesn't it? So you're menopausal symptoms. Just depend on which were mode is predominating. And for most women testosterone Julie fluctuate over time. So typically what happens is early in Posta pause. Yes. Symptoms of this stuff strode excess with symptoms of testosterone deficiency later, and that's all the time. Any and the time is important because your testosterone levels usually don't draw till two years sometimes not until four years after you reach postman had less period. And then like two years later that you notice this dropping destroy and your testosterone level is greatly affected by Jairo. You come into minute was. So there are really two kinds of menopause. One is grandeur Minna pause when you slowly transition through the change by going through Perryman pause for a couple years, and you have all the fluctuations, and it's slow that is called Radulan falls. And the other kind of minerals is Sunday in a boss, and sudden that applause can happen because of surgery that removes your ovaries or chemotherapy that basically destroy. Oy, ovaries causes menopause or radiation therapy that does the same thing. So if you're menopause is grandeur testosterone levels usually decreased by about forty to sixty percent. But if you're Minna pauses Sud, stroke levels, usually decreased by eight percent. But no matter how you inter- or navigate through menopause. You really need to know about this dossier in order to manage things. And if you need to boost your testosterone nobler, so many different ways to do that. And if you need to testosterone, there are many ways to do that too. Seventy any all sorts of testosterone options. So let's start with the tactical in Erbil tests bus routes. What would you say if I told you that some of the spices that you use in your own kitchen continue to fester? Would you say no way have you ever made anything with Cayenne pepper got to start journey that hot spicy taste has a hot and spicy Fe on your buying because it's testosterone. Now, the white Cayenne works is ended increases your circulation and the interest ignition is what makes your face get rid. When you eat Cayenne pepper. Well, increasing your circulation consists of increasing blood flow. So how does that translated using Cayenne pepper for menopause? Well,

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