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Hit and killed a woman in timpee tempe. Arizona police say forty nine year old elaine hers burke was walking a bicycle across a busy busy thoroughfare frequented by pedestrians sunday night. She was not in across wall. The autonomous vehicle promoters began to explain to us what we need to do about this. One of them said we just need pedestrians to follow the rules and defer to automobiles more. I think what this well intentioned statement went. Signifies is the fact that we have forgotten how much we have compelled everyone to conform to systems that assume the driving is the best way for everyone to get around. When you don't know that history you tend to think well. This built world around us is a reflection of what we wanted and a reflection of expert expert judgments in fact. If you look at the history you'll find that this world around us is the result of an effort to sell us and sell our the government's on the notion that we have to rebuild our world for cars. I have to push back here. Is it necessarily bad that for for example pedestrians will have to learn to make accommodations for the benefits that soft driving cars or any other technological advancement. It's been made bring us isn't that part of the deal. In the moving target that is society ideally technology offers choices but i think what you'll find is that often technology takes away choices if you could have a future where autonomous vehicles make it possible for you to choose use to go by vehicle by foot by bike by some other mode well that sounds like a very attractive future to me and i have nothing to find fault with.

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