Tomlinson, PAT, Canton discussed on NFL Live - Marty


Coach bora sean hamad was the best coach are ever her and we're wa title please stand to feared knowledge so that was lithuanian tomlinson gushing about marty and pat why do you think marty stood out as a coach michelle i just think you know he was such a beloved coach he's got this sweet smile he had so much passion for the game but more so for people and you know his players were his family and he was invested in every single one of them he really touched people's lives and just speaking of that of the hall of fame pat told me that when they were there in canton that so many people a main it it just it was almost never ending like they were line dot kept coming up to pat and marty and thanking him for for influencing his life or their lives the way that they had and i i think what's great though about all of that you know these coaches they they put so much into their job right i mean it becomes like 247 in and they knew i mean they were really good at compartmentalizing where things went and when it was football season it was football season but when it was the offseason it was family time but marty did such a great job with such a demanding schedule he still found time to make it a family affair and one of the sweetest stories a pat told me was their daughter kristin used to go to training camp with their dad and his his very first year that he was coach girls were not allowed a training camp sumardi actually stayed an extra days the kristen could spend the night at training camp.

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