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Can I respond on Wisconsin's marriage agam outlets conference, Merrick? First of all, I'm an independent. Second of all I voted for Republicans and thirty. No, no, no, don't let me finish. Let me finish. Let me finish. Americana. Right. White people. Where's your proof of that? Eric. Hey. Color was. Hey. Hey, big guy. Hey, big guy. What what what who what what race was Barack Obama's mother? Ding, ding. So america. Hey, america. What are you talking about? Compare. Bahama were Donald Trump. I will Trump only guy for this country. I am a Moslem Eric. Did you go right wing college? Are you are you a Merrick? I mean, look, I appreciate the call America. But I mean, some of the things you're saying, you're just completely looney tunes. Take your medication that is ridiculous Brock Obama hated. America. Brock Obama hated white people. What the hell are you talking about? You are out of your mind to a you're one of those people were Donald Trump said he'd, you know, you'll vote for him if he shot somebody on fifty first street, Merrick you're that guy to five seven five three nine six two two five seven five three nine six. I went to central Connecticut state University College to answer your question. And I don't think anyone even said the word Republican democrat to me, and I never spoke politics in college. So there's your answer there. Jeez. Michael, thanks for calling into Michael. How are you? I'm doing. All right. What's up, my friend? Well, I guess the one one thing I have a comment about is keep saying that because John McCain has deceased he's no longer. You can't talk about anything that you. No, I didn't say that defend himself. Passed away. I really don't I didn't say that Michael. I can talk about John McCain, and you can criticize his politics, Michael. I don't have a problem with that. But when you say last in his class, you go after his grades. What does that have to do with the issue if Donald Trump was unhappy with the dossier and all that stuff, then just say that? But he goes after these cheap shots these insults. And they have a history, Michael if you remember do you remember when when Donald Trump was running for president? And he said, I don't respect John McCain because he was captured I prefer people that weren't captured. You see what I'm saying Michael they have a history that was disrespectful. Michael, right? I didn't think it was disrespectful. Wait, wait percent. Disrespectful. Spackle? Debate. Volunteer. Iran. You're one hundred percent complete trauma. Aw, McCain was a heroin. Hold on, Michael. Republican Michael host. My co host is a Republican. I hear you Michael Michael host is a Republican. Okay. My Colo supports Donald Trump J d do you agree with Michael that it wasn't a big deal? Which situation when he went after John McCain about his war service and said, I don't respect him because he was captured that was incredibly stupid. Thank you. That's all I'm a big Donald Trump card, but that was incredibly stupid respect. What's the point? What's his reasoning behind? What's that accomplishing? It's totally counterproductive. And it's unbecoming of the president states. Remember? They were at odds with each other. I understand that. I understand that but alive there also you're defending it because they were at odds, you're okay with it. But that. That doesn't make them more here. I mean, what are you talking about? I'm tomato. You're telling me it doesn't make somebody hero. If they go through, torture, and do what John McCain did because he wouldn't give out information that was tortured that being said that did not eliminate everything else remaining him after he after he was deceased van all the reporting start coming out showing that it. So let me get this, right? Let me get this straight. You wanna criticize John McCain? You wanna criticize people did in? All right. I think I think part of it Brian win, exactly. And the reason they they thought they were a because Admiral. During the campaign or after he was this bit before this was on the campaign. So what he was trying to do was was sway. Former John McCain, followers, more or less. It was a pure. But I'm sure it was it is amazing. I'm sure he had some type of there's no just respect justification with all due respect. Michael. I appreciate the call. But I am still amazed that there are people out there like you that will go after John McCain and attack him for being a prisoner of war. And I don't hear you say one negative thing about Donald Trump people. Like you make me sick. Let's go to Paul Paul. Thanks for calling in. How are you? Hey, how's it going? On your mind. Not much is this kind of chuckling myself a little bit, you know, listening to the bathroom four kind of thing. You know? I mean, am I Trump guy? Yeah. I'm kind of a Trump guy. But hey, make no mistake. I do think he sticks his foot in his mouth little better night to attack somebody who's passed away. Certainly that Ryan gaining anything politically, obviously, and even on both sides by Democrats or Republicans who spend more time. Explaining what they wanna do to make things better. There you go. Look. To try and make themselves. Look as bad as the other person. You know what I mean? I could just stay on the line. First of all, let me just say, I could not agree with you more. And I always say this the two worst words in this country, Republican and democrat because too many people make decisions what's best for their party not best for America. And in no way, shape or form. I'm not saying the Democrats played the same dirty deeds as the Republicans, no doubt. But it just so happens that we have a Republican as the president states. I will say this. I have less problems with his recent statements about McCain than I do his former I agree with that. I agree with that. I thought what he said about John McCain was Harare. There's there's actually some there's actually structure to this. Go ahead, Paul. There's there's reason behind and also I mean in another part of me thinks maybe it's not so much Republicans against Democrats and Democrats against Republicans. But I think that the world economy is not a part to play in this. And I think there's. I don't think we've gotten over the two thousand eight economic crisis that we had, you know, some people are saying, I'm no expert, obviously. But some people are saying like a year and a half that this two to three quadrille dollar Bob Dole that the world economy has data's as mortgages or student loan debt or credit card debt, or whatever it may be is gonna come calling like derivatives, and there's just not going to be money. Call people are going ATM's. And maybe they won't be able to be a cash one day. It doesn't look like it because congress to be doing. All right. But I mean, you see what's happening in China. And yeah, sure Brexit, and yet mean, there's you know, I wonder if that world economy is you know, kind of behind this a little bit more than one. You'll see. Yeah. That's that's a valid point. That's a valid question. John paul. I appreciate the phone call. Thank you for. Thank you for calling in good to hear from you, Paul. Let's see what we try to squeeze in one. One more con, by the way, I agree with Paul. And I appreciate his statements. He's Trump supporter. But yet he's saying look he puts his foot in his mouth. Absolutely does. Let's take one more call before we go to break. Let's go to Jeff Jeff thanks for calling in. How are you? I just had a I wanted to get your take on this point, which is. One thing that bugs me a lot is when you have a figure like. John McCain on the right or Elijah Cummings on a leftover the cheetah come to mind right away. Who did something great many many years ago? In McCain's case, he was a war hero. And he was in Hanoi Hilton was portrait and all that and a great service that country in Cummings case, he was a, you know, a prominent figure in the civil rights movement, and you know. Did all that stuff? That's all very commendable. But what bugged me the teams like people like that? Then somehow immunized from criticism for the rest of their career. No matter how stupid or or whatever other things that they do. Jeff. Let me respond. John McCain or Elijah Cummings. Can't let me respond to that. Jeff. I understand. I understand your point. Jeff, let me answer this in the best way that I can it's one thing to attack someone based on their politics based on their policies. It is something completely different to personally attack somebody especially somebody. That's not a lie about their grade scores and then going after somebody because of their service in war and being captured you can you can go after someone's policies. Trump could go on there and say, I don't agree with what Mr. Cain said in regards to the dossier. I don't agree with this policy. I don't agree with this phone. I wouldn't have a problem with that Jeff. But he doesn't do that. He doesn't have any class. He cannot go after somebody without personally attacking them. Yeah. I mean, I I understand that. I'm just saying in the larger context like many examples for both of those figures, I mentioned where you know in order to sort of immunize themselves because they're the more their their supporters. They immediately default to this or how can you criticize, you know? How can you question? John McCain's patriotism or this or that based on some decision is made whether it's understood the conservative movement, if you're on the right, or, you know, doing something that conservatives don't like them laugh because the media rarely criticizes anybody in the democrat party. But if if somebody on the right criticizes and Elijah Cummings, then it's like, how can you you know, ostensibly do that. He's such a great figure from the I haven't heard anybody say that when it comes to going after him for policy on struggling where you're coming from is not happened or I mean, it's something that I know a lot over the air. All right. Go ahead. Chris this is a perfect topic to play the what if Obama did it. Game. Okay. What if Barack Obama had said what Donald Trump had said about John McCain, the Republican party is opponents everybody that are Trump supporters now and that side of the the right whatever you wanna call. It would have gone beserk. If President Obama had said exactly what President Donald Trump said about John McCain. It's as simple as that, you agree with that JD,.

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