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Today's your giants officially begin a new jacket a new era and a new season as we go back to oracle park for the twenty twenty KNBR giants fan fest with your host bill last KNBR one oh four five eight six eight sports leader alright welcome back to a beautiful day is going to be out here at oracle park as we kick off the twenty twenty San Francisco Giants season Scott Harrison raw water set a time share shop a little bit about baseball now all my good friend Mario we auto he joins in and of course Mario is the mentor of all the promotions people around here they love this guy you have put on countless of events and I want to go back in time a little bit more of the last time we were here was the Bruce boat she retired when you started to do that when did you first heard putting that together that was amazing what you do well thank you good morning it's you know last year that that night that we all left the ballpark in less give this season I think we all knew what what a great way this at the end of the just in the year and we heard you know one but when boats and now that he's going to retire we knew right away that we got to do this right yeah he's doing his trips throughout the throughout the league and we work a few months on that and we really wanted a set and and as I told someone last they were talking about that as well it's all about the surprise it will be new that's him he was going to come that we do is gonna be spectacular day and just having all those players that play for votes coming out to center field little bit of time in that big just in when he when when Winston walked on the field I don't think I've ever heard this ballpark loud phenomenal so it was great and and I still I can't believe the press poaching stood there in front of a packed house gave that speech without any notes at all it was just so heartfelt and it just I think is a day that all of us every giant fail never forget and I'm telling you the kudos to you and your team it was just remarkable the players and and all the people that you associate with without it it wasn't just approved bullshit that you have put on so many great events out here and I just want to honor you today and does a hard thing to do it I mean to to do your normal working and all of a sudden you got to put this special event on and again this year you got another whole role of events coming on but I wanted to talk about this year twenty years here at oracle park we both been here you start in candlestick park in nineteen eighty three I was still playing back then you move forward into an executive vice president business operations some of the things that you have put together from bobble head promotions which is one of the best things you ever did and then of course before you even got to oracle park seat licensing things like that to drive this ball park to be paid off when you look at twenty years here what is the first thought that comes to your mind hi big first I think the first thing I always think about a even sitting here right now in the sent the ball park that hopefully will be on a little while you'll be open for fan fest is that this ballpark is what is the most beautiful ballpark in the league and those of us who grew up in candlestick park and fans or employees the I said something good couple days go to someone that I you know the further we get away from candlestick more romantic that ballpark yeah I have I believe more fodder yeah we all complain about it what's up but I think over twenty years here first of all it's it's amazing to think we've been here for twenty years I don't think about the year two thousand workers we're through that first pitch and we still call this the new ballpark and that's how we feel about it it's our home you got you we take care of it it's a magical place and you know when you think about all the events have taken place here over twenty years from no hitters perfect games three World Series the bonds home run chase and you know probably so many.

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