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Get it to him right now. No clubs post game. Blackhawks radio. Chris boden. Disappointing. Six three Blackhawks lost in Los Angeles this afternoon as they remain stuck at sixty three points on the year. And we'll take it all the way up until seven o'clock tonight told we'll get some post game reaction from Los Angeles. Let's spend a few minutes with Troy Murray before he has to get on a bus and then a plane to head to northern California back out to the staple center. We go for a few minutes here to wrap up with Troy, and we were leery about this one heading in especially when you relate in the pre-game show. How Rob Blake went down and talked to some of the veteran players as this team losing streak hit ten the other night against the Dallas Stars. Even gave the stars a good run for their money was Dallas ended up getting the two points this one you might definitely start looking back on hopefully, that's not the case. But I was thinking as soon as we saw the way that Brennan lipstick goal scored in the third period since one of these games where it's just not meant to be for the Blackhawks. Well. Know, you dictate your your your future, you dictate the outcome. And the Blackhawks one of the keys to the game was being ready. They did some good things at the beginning above average things. But they they never were in control this game. Then they just didn't seem like they had the energy that jumping in the game that they needed to the afternoon. There's no excuses. I thought the Blackhawks top players all had off games here. You just look at some of the numbers. Patrick Kane was minus three at six shots a bunch of those came early on on the man the Blackhawks had the man advantage when he was in the box in the first period. He was very quiet. A just an off game. You didn't see Patrick Kane? Make the plays that you would normally think you'd have been used to make seeing him make.

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