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Asked by Robin Roberts on his well, You ain't black. Kamen is answer. I shouldn't have said it. And he's far more and Cindy area the praise of the guy that's filibuster the Civil Rights Act of 64 or working with the former Klansman who filibustered the Civil Rights Act. It was against the Voting Rights Act. To work on stopping integration of schools because he didn't want his kids going to school in a racial jungle. His words Well, he's now again. Men accused of plagiarizing Canadian politician this time not Neil Kinnock. Remember the one there anyway? CBC news you know in in Canada pointed out. Similares on Twitter, not Biden's first brush with play Jeremy plagiarism. He also did it with Robert Kennedy. And British Party leader Labour leader near Kinnick. And why am I the first clinic and 1000 generations to be able to get to university? And I just did it word for word and kept going through the entire list. Mother, saying the exact same thing when he gave us no teleprompter speech on Thursday night, Love is more powerful than hate. Hope is more powerful than fear. Light is more powerful than the dark. OK, he said the Canadian politician Jack Layton is his name. My friends. Love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear, Optimism better than despair. I'll let you decide. Biden pledging no new taxes for anyone making under $400,000. It's not possible. I tell you what? They're not telling you. Their you know business is yeah, that would be including them. Do I believe this number? Nope. Because they were previously said differently. And when they implement and they spend the trillions on the new green deal, and whatever new version of Obama, Biden care or Medicare, for all comes to fruition. He's pledging trillions of the new green deal trillions to more health care well, he's the one along with Barack Obama responsible for millions losing their doctor's losing their plans. Millions of Americans and everybody not saving a penny, not on average $2500 per family per year, but no Literally losing, you know, now paying 200% more on average. Almost 40% of this country. Thanks to Biden. Obama care. They have one option one Biden Obama care. Health exchange option. Wow. We have so much choice when we know that Camilla. She doesn't want any choice and healthcare can't have your own private plan. You know, he dismisses his attacks on his mental fit. Just watch me well, problems We have been watching and we have been listening. Hey quoted Mao Tio Robin Roberts, and she refused to push back or on the question. I'm not sure why. It's the second time in two months, fighting used a quote made by made famous by Ah, Chairman Mao And you know what? When it came to women, calling it symbol on old expression, he said. Okay, but doesn't seem like that to me. You know this Bill O'Reilly. I think in his newsletter, somebody sent it to be on his website. It was asked about it. They said, Yeah, OK, They didn't questions for abroad. No specifics. No follow ups. Of course, they didn't get the Donald Trump treatment. You know? Why did you call the president? Xenophobic? 10 days after the first identified case of Corona virus, great questions Why didn't you mention the growing street violence in your nomination speech will. How do you ignore that? You know, I was there systemic racism during your administration. What'd you do to address and I did to that? Why didn't you do criminal justice reform? I'd add to that. Why didn't you do Police reforms after Ferguson in Baltimore. Or Cambridge or any of his other high profile incidents. Why don't you do it? Ah, well, you know, how is it? You had so many millions more Americans on food stamps and in poverty. That's the result. How is it the worst recovery since the forties? Why did you give the Mullah's in Iran? The chant Death to America? 150 billion in cash and other currencies. And you've got nothing for it. What did you get for that? What did you get in exchange for that? Well, the plane takes off drops the drops the cash on the tarmac plane leaves in their back the chanting death to America. You know, now rollout blackouts all over the state of California has that new green deal working out there with those policies. I mean, okay. Kamala Harris, he said. You believe those that accused both Brett Kavanaugh on Joe Biden How can you run with somebody that you believe is guilty of that? Or how could you believe somebody has changed? You know changed And you know it's hard when you Just literally pounded on him. During the primary debate about his associations with the former Klansman and praise of the former Klansman and then working with the former Klansman to stop school integration. None of these questions are asked. Ever. Oh, what a shocker. Jeff Flake joining former GOP members Part of the Democratic resistance All these so funny All these years, I've just pondered and wondered. How many years have you heard me express my just utter frustration. With the Republican Party have becoming weak and timid and spineless. Lacking a backbone. And vision, Lis. Disgusting. The all the all the phony votes show votes to repeal and replace Obama care then when they get their chance, I'll never mind. So pathetic. So I mean, I just those are the ones now jumping ship and going with the pro Vicodin. Kamala Kamala Harris ticket crazy. But you know, predictable. We're going to do it. It's funny because everything that Joe says you'll do one on covert. Guess what Donald Trump already did. It was a great takedown By Mike Pence. I thought some interview I forgot where he was pretty pretty amazing. Take down that he had But you know, probably what about taxing the wealthy? What is this redistribution? What is the danger of that? Well, is somebody that was financially independence is I'm a pretty young kid. And struggled. You know, I remember when I had 200 bucks in the bank, Old Stone Bake bank war in Rhode Island. So I kept my money 200 bucks. That was my safety net. My own safety..

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