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Dr. Julie Morita, executive vice president of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, told MSNBC. That's partly because adults are being vaccinated. So I think we really focus in on the adult impact of Coben over the past year, and what's happening now is that we're actually paying a little more attention to the Children because Fewer if you are adults are getting sick and hospitalized and dying. Well, Kids aren't is likely to get severely ill with Cove it they're susceptible to some of the same problems as adults that includes the persistent symptoms known as long Haul Cove, it that can last for weeks or even months after their initial infection. On NJ SPOTLIGHT News, New Jersey Doctor Esma Hassan described one case of a young athletic dance student. She's struggling to get back on her feet. She's having episodes of business where she feels like she's gonna fall. She's having heart palpitations. She's anxious, depressed out of her mind and feels like she's word finding difficulty. Children and adolescents who had the virus can also develop multi system inflammatory syndrome and Children, a serious condition that can lead to a range of heart problems. While still very rare, the condition has become more common over the course of the pandemic. Nationwide. The majority of the kids who developed the syndrome have been people of color following the trend with covert cases in general. Next week. Our public health expert Dr Kavita, Trivedi, will be back to help us make sense of the latest covert trends and what it will take to end the pandemic worldwide Journalist like me, you surveys and polling to support our research. And it's important to find data that accurately reflects reality, especially.

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