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Is talking about like, I can you believe her? She just used my own words to try and manipulate me. She like she used the same phrase. I can't remember what it was something about using your gut or like, I don't know. But like, and like this is like Corey is feeling very proud of myself for seeing through SAM's manipulation because Sam is trying to manipulate her Sam is lying to her. And she's seeing through that. But it's just like, and so some people are I think forgetting that Sam is lying to her. And so they're like, oh Sam Corey what a what a fool you are for thinking this. She's correct when she is figuring that Sam lying tour and trying to manipulate her. It's just that. She's then failing to see it. When Anthony does it in one day does it. And that's what's saying because she's so proud of herself for seeing this one like I got I got Sam she she doesn't realizes that. Literally, everyone is lying to her except for Davies. And it's literally. Corey probably wouldn't even have seen Sam line to her. If Anthony Dane hot and planted the seeds, right? So it's not not good for you for recognizing the lie because you probably wouldn't have otherwise. Yes. And it's definitely like a lot of a lot of people are very frustrated. A lot of people are very upset with Corey. It's not a great look how how proud of herself. She is. Although I have seen. I've seen people get going a little too far corey's still a very nice woman. Deserve to be like totally like look she's getting played in the game. What are you going to do? She's not a terrible person because of it. No corey's, a nice woman. And that's it. Nice. That's fine. Wrong with it. It's frustrating to watch her. Get completely snowed by the dominant. Alliance. The alliance dominant for a reason, and we should have expected. The knicks. Nick sexless. I don't know what you seen one season of the show. Dimitri told her not to question Anthony, like what do you want from one? What do you expect? She is a very nice person. Yes. The fact that she thinks that she and Anthony could be the next I into trays. Does she think she doesn't even know who they are? She never watched their season. My god. Just the fact that she would ever be like. Oh, yeah. Where like I do. Stop. You're not hers the rawal. When he competitions. Dimitri in this situation. And Anthony's IKEA, okay? Sure. The you need to know why you need to gas people other show. I just can't I just can't handle this which which is the ones he's she's seen. Do we know it was last season? And I don't I don't know if she even finished it. Oh, no. I can't I just can't handle it. I can't handle watching season after season of people who just don't even know the basic strategy going in and being like, I'm the greatest person of all time. This is the greatest lines of all time is most iconic lines of all time joint even know anything conic is and I'm very frustrated. And also by the fact that the keep saying fustrated, which is possibly like my most annoying thing in the world. Also, I'm seeing someone in the Chad saying that she'd know me, no, she would not know me. Nobody knows who I am. And the better that way. She would not. I. Okay. I'm sure we'd get along. She's very nice. I just can't handle any of these people most none of they don't know anything and annoying kills me like. Dead. I just can't lose any more. Taking the week. Well, and he's gonna talk to cure again, kind of part three of their coming together. Bonding more. Cures wondering if Corey even likes them and his guests people like you, stop stop. Not emotional reassurance. Like, yes. Quarry likes you. It's okay. They they wonder what they should do with Dane now the data's won the veto. They know that Dan is coming after them. What should they be doing damage control? And he says.

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