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Bloomberg World headquarters in New York. I'm Doug Prisoner. Let's check this hour's top business stories and the markets. Softbank Group has hired Goldman Sachs to help it sell its data and service management unit called Treasure Data. We're told, Softbank is seeking a price of about a $1,000,000,000 right now. In the Tokyo session, Softbank is up by more than 2%. Jack Mas and Group is seeking evaluation north of $200 billion. The company is getting ready to go public in both Hong Kong and Shanghai. We're told this AIPO could raise about $10 billion now. During the U. S session, We had a rally in tech shares, leading the NASDAQ composite higher by more than 2.5%. One all time high 7 10,067 shares an Amazon were up nearly 8%. Then after the bell, IBM reported quarterly revenue above estimates. Cloud sales helped the company offset a decline in consulting services shares were up 4.7% in late US trade, AstraZeneca released results from its early vaccine studies, they showed promise, although analyst did express some concern about whether this vaccine can match those From competitors Years and AstraZeneca and in the New York session, down 4%. Meantime, German biotech firm BYO N Tek and Fizer reported additional data from their experimental covert 19 vaccine. It showed the vaccine was safe and induced an immune response in patients bio in tech shares were up 3.5%. In New York trading, Pfizer picked up 7/10 of 1%. We checked markets every 15 minutes here on Bloomberg. In Hong Kong, Hang Sang is up 1.6%. Shanghai composite, up 3/10 of 1% Danica had 6/10 of 1% and the cost be hired by 1.3%. Global news, 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg Quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists and analyst in more than 120 countries. This.

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