John Kelly, Wilson, Congressman discussed on Anderson Cooper 360 - Congresswoman stands by comments made about Trump's call to Army widow; Defense Secretary demanding answers; Bush: Bullying in public life set national tone


But this isn't about john kelly or his past experiences or his combat tours or his rank a fourstar general this is about presidential leadership i was also disgusted truthfully with congressman congress woman's wilson's remarks and listening into a phone conversation that was private but that's not the point the point is that we have continued to be divisive in all of this that uh john kelly's action today were separated from from his time as a general and as a commander and he he's now in the political realm and unfortunately i think his comments today were on toward he should not have been the one out there i i didn't appreciate what he did to the professional members of the press the journalist and i'm sure there are many people who consider journalists the enemy the truthfully they are part of a free society and he attacked them today and he separated and continue the divisiveness that continues in the society what we saw today was another day where the focus wasn't on the families like the couple you just had on mr and mrs murphy and mr and mrs johnson that rauner earlier today and the suffering that they're going through because there are soldiers are dead and i think we have to stop this vis a vis and go back to the point of empathy and understanding and humility within our society and within our presidential leadership admiral kirby ha how do you see what happened today.

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