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Chat with tried his episode one hundred and fifty is brought to you by the awardwinning online broker trade station tried station clients have direct access to stocks ats futures and options using one integrated trading platform which has many professional grade features to help you better analyze and tried markets learn more about trade station their friendly pricing structure and open an account at tried station dot com slash tried is market speculation and risk this is the chat with traders podcast hosted by aaron fifield haitain what is up welcome to episode one hundred and fifty this is pot two of my interview with aaron brown and i dare say this might be better than the first if you happen to miss pot one that's like it's not like this episode wind makes sense you'll be able to follow along just justfallen and if you would like to hear pot one still you can go to chat with tried his dot com slash one four nine and the charlotte smith this episode can be found at chat with tried his dot com slash one five zero are now just to refresh your memory arron brown is a very we'll respected risk manager he's worked in the field of risk management for approximately 30 years and notably for the past decade aaron was the risk manager of iq are i two hundred billion dollar corned fund succumbing up on this episode pottery you gangs and deepen sought to how you can better understand and manage risk for yourself we go over questions traders should be asking themselves how to leave a less money on the table high win right verse low when rights strategies black swans killing opportunity while trying to how to prevent disaster and that's certainly not oh i must say a truly enjoy this conversation i think this so much she can take away from it and are also locked how erin pushed back on a couple of my questions which i guess somewhat miss the point sorry it was good of him to redirect the lawn of conversation to focus on more appropriate wise of a take your lighting risk anyway let's get on with a shower now harry's part two of a lesson in risktaking with erin.

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