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The game at all. Bring your. Myspace. Hey, thanks for sticking around. So today we talked once again with Mr. Jeff FOX, and he gave us a little tour of the space craft place our, they're going to be Orion, and then also a little bit of history on what happened during the shuttle days and how that sort of transition to some of the logic behind the system displays for the Orion. So if you wanna know more specifically about a Ryan NASA dot gov, slash guess what Orion? Yes, that's where you can find some of the latest and greatest about that vehicle. Otherwise you can go on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and see the latest greatest. They're on Facebook. It's NASA, Orion Twitter at NASA, underscore Orion, and Instagram is at explore NASA that would actually has a Ryan and the space launch system, which we've talked about a couple of soda go. You can use the hashtag on hashtag, ask NASA there. It is on any one of those platforms to ask a question about a Ryan or you can go to the NASA Johnson Space inter accounts on any one of those platforms and submit a question for Houston. We have a podcast, we might bring it on one of the future episodes or make a whole episode. Out of it, which we've actually done a couple of times. So this podcast was recorded on March twenty first twenty eighteen. Thanks to Alex Perriman, Greg, Weisman, Tommy girl, Rachel craft lower Sean Brady dean, Pat Ryan, Bill Stafford, and Kelly Humphreys. A lot of people think for this one and thanks again to Jeff FOX for coming on the show. We'll be back next week.

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