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I know how much time left there is there is even one fights that i'm fighting bj penn and i was looking for defense joining the fight i i look at cindy crawford crawford and i thought oh wow how beautiful she is and then i told myself i said oh i better go back to doing fighting because i'm you know i'm gonna do this too much distracted because when you fight some time impression that that pain stop if we watched that movie rocky sometime everything goes in slow motion ambitious throw that's something that that is ready i've been in that fight you i'd be impression that you're you're kind of in in a dream but this thing when it happened to you you cannot let it takes you out of what is the most important thing that is happening right now you know i think it's good to be aware of you're on firemen to be focusing on what's going on buddy be aware of your environment meant to be focused but not to focus and not too much distracted in the same time is a perfect perfect center or i think they upped i'm old a performance or perhaps perhaps that's every individual is different i mean i i know that for me personally that that that's how i perform their best when i'm too much focus i'm over thinking stuff an overt thinking create by run isis sometimes you're you're you're you're reacting to date because you're thinking too much i have an if you're if you're not then not focused you might get clipped by up on evans evans seem so there's like so yeah so we've got a mutual friend john brown already who is a world class nutrition expert and scientists in his credit amazing systems for nutrition obviously you know john and work on your nutrition game at a high level what do you do to prepare your mind is it imagery is it a meditation is it self talk as a goal setting is it all of that is breathing work pre performance routines like one of the things you do to prepare your mind i think i think one thing that that is good that i was good for me i'm a little bit obsessive compulsive an m i think one of the good thing is when you're when you wanna be champion how are the best that's something you need to be more than a decade at this thing you need to be obsessed and i'm talking about being the best in the world that something you need to be accessed by its any to dream about it think about it breed it to eat it every time you have a second you need to think about it and that's how i always was ever an always when i knew i was about to fight some someone someone when i knew i was going to fight someone i always at a mystery and sometime in those scenario i was winning but also sometime i was losing i think it's important for me that if i'm losing my my biz right maybe saudis ation scenario i need to focus on finishing it on in a way that i take back the upper him for example if i'm visualizing in the image in my head that my next fight and i'm just realizing getting function and and i fell down i cannot stop my brazil is asian right there right there i proceed that that the the the next what's gonna happen next to this so i see myself getting back up at and hitting in back or taking him back down so i finished on a good on that puts its avoid that i can i can stop reserve ising saying go go on with my life so that's one thing i always did i never finish on a negative note which finishing up for the hours finish and the offramp cool son and then do you when you organize organizers like your world what is it that you're craving searching for what is it that you're most hungry for in life like what is the thing underneath the drive for sports i a i thought when i was young i thought that's nervousness in fear will disappear over time but i realized that it doesn't only this if it doesn't disappear.

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