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Hey, you know one thing of people really Miss live comedy comedy clubs. Comedy shows, so it looks like there's one tonight starring him him being Bassem Yusef. This guy's fascinating is an Egyptian, the great comedian in the Middle East Believer, not a had a political satire show on television became the hottest thing in the Middle East. He was like the Jon Stewart of there. But you can't do that kind of stuff there, so it was immediately banned and censored now besides being a comedian Buster Yusef Is also a heart surgeon. Now how many comedians I mean seriously, if you have you go in for heart surgery, and they said Chris Rock will be performing it. Wouldn't you jump off the gurney and run out of there? Jerry Seinfeld doing heart surgery. You can't picture that, but he was actually a heart surgeon became a comedian. Uh, best selling author. He's a writer also, but it says he's appearing tonight at the New Brunswick Stress Factory. Tonight and tomorrow. Is that possible? Alive show? Did we find him yet? Nope. After all this build up. We don't have, uh, but that's the way you know. That's the problem. You certain performers, comedians. They're not used to being up this early. This was like, three in the morning for them. But so is blaming you there. Yeah. Okay. I was just gonna ask you. Is this actually the live show? Yes, sir. He's performing live at the comedy Club. The stress factory. Well, they can have 25%, right. Just like restaurants. Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah. All right. That explains it. You know, it's interesting because most comedy clubs, people order a whole meal. It's so they can consider themselves a restaurant. And you could let in 25% stuff on the performer because you're not gonna get the same amount of applause or laughter. But what's interesting is down in Florida. There are 50%, but it's Florida. You know, they kind of do anything they want. So I know a lot of comedians that have actually gone to Florida and they're touring. They're going all these comedy clubs. Indoor shows no masks because you're sitting at your table, so no masks and they It's 50%. But comedy clubs aren't that big, So it's kind of it's kind of crowded in there and listen, I know a bunch of Commies have been down there. They've done 20 clubs in their back. I keep calling him to see if they're okay. Nobody's gotten sick yet. Florida has been pretty open about everything for the last few months, and you could argue that they're not being safe. They're not being careful, but their numbers are better than our numbers. So we shouldn't be telling them what to do. Now There's this talk of this travel ban. I don't know who's talking about it or where it stands. But they're talking about banning travel from state to state from anywhere to Florida that I don't know what that's all about, because the Florida numbers have pretty good. And getting better all the time. It could be It could be that they're trying to hurt Florida a little. You know, A lot of states are starting to get really nervous about Florida. New York is really nervous about Florida. Hundreds of thousands of people have left New York and moved to Florida. And even more than that, This is really scary. A lot of major companies have left New York and moved to Florida. Goldman Sachs left New York and moved to Florida. You know this stuff is serious because that's That kind of stuff. Those big companies, that's the tax base. Of New York. So it's all moving to Florida. Now they're talking about crazy. Cuomo and all these wacky Albany Democrats were talking about all these taxes tax on stock transfer tax on stock. This doctor and So it will get back to that doesn't explain the rest of teen moment. But we got him. We found the Boston Yusef. How you doing? Hi. How are you? Good. I just told your whole life story. Nobody believes that you're a comedian and a heart surgeon. That can't be. How could that be? I have no idea. Well, here's the thing. Here's the thing. I really I think I became a heart surgeon by mistake. Because, you know, you know, in the Middle East. You have only one of three choices. You have to be a doctor and engineer or disappointment, so I couldn't do maths. I didn't want to be a disappointment. So I became a heart surgeon. So, yeah, so and then you know, I become out searching and then it's up to 2011. We had the Arab spring. And I did like those YouTube videos because I was mesmerized by Jon Stewart. You know, because, you know, I was making fun of the state run media on the kind of like conspiracy theories and the and the fake news. I know that you guys are getting just too no fake news right now, But we have We had them for 7000 years wherever civilization So we know like, so I started to do these, like you know, YouTube videos. And then I didn't think about it right and then like out of nowhere, like five million views in a couple of weeks, and I know that like now, when you say five million views, that's nothing. This is like what you get when you're dark parts, But at that time, 2011 like five million was huge. And then suddenly everything Gle every single TV station. Wanted to sit with me and have it on the TV show, And I didn't. I didn't have anything to like. You know, I didn't have any thoughts or plans with that because I was already accepted in a cardiac surgery Fellowship in Cleveland. So I had to choose between money and fame. And and, you know, like a very big, beautiful like, you know, a comfortable life in Cleveland, and that was not a very Like hard choice to do so. I thought I'd like went into television and just like it grew up from there. Wow. Yeah, became a big sensation. And Jon Stewart used to have you on his show all the time. Um, yeah, Not many people know, he John Syria came to my show in Egypt. I hosted them on my show that bigger than being on his shelf for me..

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