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Staples. I'm John Morrissey on carrying his radio live everywhere on the I heard radio app. This'll, his big Al and Joe Joe. Stop what you're doing, because I'm about to ruin the image and the style that ya used to. I look funny. Until I make your money. So your world I hope you're ready for me and I got the round. I'm a little fool. Welcome back to speak out of Jo Jo. I care when he's ready. 50 a m and 94 1 of famine everywhere on the free I heart radio app 303713 85 85. Of course that is our phone number. We have open phone lines all the time. Text line 56690 Big fella from the 719. What is al talking about the 21st and daylight. Yeah. I mean, the way that, uh, the way that our North American, um it's piracy is 21st of December is the the least amount of daylight that you're gonna have. In any given year in the 21st is the longest day which means you have the longest, uh, should I say the most amount of daylight on June 21st. So that's what that's what happens. That's what happens. It's not gonna go after the day after the 21st of December the day start to get longer. That's the shortest day of the year range the longest day. So so it's December. 10 Yes, after December 21st. That's what I'm saying after December 21st, which is here in four days. That is the shortest day of the year. Right. From that day on, we start gaining traction and getting more daylight up until the longest day of the year, which is June 21st. I love that. Joe. Joe, Wait. That was so That was so in offered William. Speak. Just so you know, I mean, 100% Let's see here from the 303. 0746. I've had covert 19 now for six weeks. I don't ever want it again. It wouldn't want my worst enemy to get it. Get the damn shot. Um uh, from 23. 64. Sometimes big al left, like job of the hut. Oh, bird up, Uh, about my full laugh a long time. All right. You haven't What? I said I've heard about my fall a big rig just last for a long time. I'm gonna get that laugh right now. We'll compare contrast. Hold on. You okay? Good. It rides getting the job of the hut laugh so we could compare and contrast he's getting it. He's getting it right now. Um All right. Couple things to talk about. Got it. Oh, you have it. You have a ready to go. Ready to go. Okay, So go ahead out for you. Would you like to let out a belly laugh first and foremost? Okay, well, then, here's Alfred Williams with his belly laughed..

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