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On friday nights christine nicholas is my co host and we have a great time talking about some of the fun aspects of new york live. Coming back to life and christine. We weren't off the air two minutes last week and you were burning up my text feed going camp. We've gotta get randy johnson show on the show next week. Tell us what's going on. Well i wanted to both of them on because they have some great news to share with us about what's going on in staten island because we know that the staten island yankees were there for many years. And then you know they kind of went away with cova. Did we want to know what's going on over there at the ballpark. Which is so beautiful. And i heard john and randy on bbc so i have to give credit to john. But randy levine. The president of the new york yankees dear friend former deputy mayor under the giuliani administration. Just is done so much. Amazing things for our city randy. Thank you so much for joining us. And john cast matiz. We all know and love you know has a radio show radio show also on the station so john and randy tell us what is going on out in staten island. I'll go first. Because it's in. John hands now his great end. Thanks chris and thanks kevin. What happened is a major league baseball. Minor league baseball agreed to in effect. The change beavering that that went on between the two of them for a hundred years and that agreement used to require a hundred sixty minor league teams and now because covert and because of a whole bunch of conditions that were poor conditions and a lot of these places are the agreement. Took it down from one hundred. Sixty two hundred and twenty minor league teams and as a result Teams had to reduce the number of minor league affiliates that they had Major league baseball took minor league baseball and under its wing and as a result of that the new york penn league which was a short seasonally. Meaning you know. Single a lowest level short season we would basically Go from june through. September was a lot of players who just drafted you know. Entry level league was eliminated. It was eliminated so the staten island. Yankees in effect were eliminated by the agreement between matron minor league baseball. So you know the commissioner rob manfred how steinbrenner myself we felt really bad about that and Baseball is part of this reorganization did affiliations with former independently teams and those teams leagues are throughout the country..

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