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That's what i liked about it was like big ballet with swords but they they were missing beats like that was my beef with it was like you could see some of the background stunts like they weren't even like committed so fancy you're looking at the back red light seen was track i want them to come out snapping sit yes all right so as promised here is the very very sad according to now last week what's interesting last week i kind of called this as soon as you hear uc l yeah the ucla the ucla is right in your pitching elbow ligament that helps you turn stuff exact and it was a grade two and i thought oh grade to a lot of guys have tommy john surgery you worry too yeah i heard you say that word that's bad luck you shouldn't throw that word around there well i mean i think the luck was over at that point he says pedro gomez everything i'm hearing is that the reality is he probably will need tommy john surgery which means the earliest he would return these twenty m oh that is such a shame and here's the worst part about it the angels are an afterthought in cal at least in los angeles and for the first time and by the way they're an afterthought with the best player in baseball okay mic trout and for the first time and i don't know how because again they had mike trout people were excited and talking about angels baseball in los angeles airland reawakened his inner angels fan his inner inland empire which is that's his true nature it is true nature is that he's an angels fans such an anaheim oh he is he grew up down there in those rich parts of orange county yeah the fancy pants yeah beach corona del mar places the won't let lemme in with pelican yeah yeah but this is this is just it's brittle because people were starting to feel good about that team for the first time in a long time and then the story today's mike trout say and he may not extend his contract if they missing the playoffs from way feel good to not worse case scenario but wow that sucks bad for them look i'm a dodgers fan at the end of the day.

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