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Because you had the billie joe solis performance against david to compare with as well and that's this was a semi final before the final wasn't it in a way so you know if cannella had gone in there and had war with him for five rounds it would have given us a benchmark to talk about what billie joe did with david lemieux and a natural precursor to building up the fight. So nice matchmaking. Misdemeanor day well. I just want to go. With the guy that's earned the opportunity and lemieux who has had inactivity problems of his own as we mentioned. has been more active than yildirim and was certainly more deserving based on past performances then yielding anyway the end of the fight. You get the announcement that we all knew. It was coming. Billy joe saunders against canelo hundred and sixty eight pound unification fight. That'll take place in may location to be determined. You know. I thought last round last year iran in december when the callum smith fight was approaching. I believe count. Smith was number one at one sixty eight. I thought he was the most proven guy at supermiddleweight title ring magazine whenever i whatever accolades you want to give him. I thought he was the best but there certainly are. I think a lot more people. That believe billy joe saunders is a tougher test for carmelo then cab smith whether it's oscar de la. Hoya who talked about that this week. You've had john writer. Who of course. Associated with billie joe with matchroom other fighters. I've read say similar things. Do you believe that. Billy joe saunders will be a tougher test for carmelo ben. Callum smith stylistically yes And i think i think billy joe saunders when and if he faces callum smith i think he'll beat him as well because i think his skill set. I think it's a weird fight. An an a fight. With a lot of feeling out. And i'm talking about mccallum smith and billy joe saunders now but i've known billy joe saunders a long time since he was an olympian back in beijing in two thousand eight when he was eighteen..

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