Terry Melcher, Charles, Tex Watson discussed on Crimes of Passion


On the night of August eighth nineteen sixty nine Charles took family member Tex Watson aside and told him what needed to be done a year earlier when Charles was cozying up to every music industry contact attack that would tolerate him. He had pursued a relationship with music producer Terry Melcher at the time Melcher lived in a secluded house on Cielo drive live even though Melcher had moved out of the house some months before Charles reason that whoever lived there now must also be rich and famous anyone anyone who lived in a place like that must be the kind of high profile person whose death would make national news according to Charles's plan tax and a few of the family women would go to Cielo drive break into the house and murder them in his research. Stephen Harrison stated that in the most destructive colts psychological influence seeks to disrupt an individual's identity personal behavior thoughts.

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