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The children are dirty. They're sick. They're being detained for long periods of time. And they're hungry. an immigration lawyer describes what she saw when she visited children being held at the u._s. mexico border some of the children are given a thin blanket or sheet to sleep with but as punishment sometimes those blankets and sheets are taken away today on the takeaway how the u._s. immigration system treats children i'm tansy vega also on the show the black community and south ben reacts to me or buddha judges handling of a police shooting there's a saying that if you don't practice what you've reached in what you preach only speech and it won't reach and we have the first part in our new series life after overdose and i remember thinking that we would evolved in better off and especially her if she had just died during that first overdose To take away. We'll be right back after these headlines. live from n._p._r. news in washington i'm janine herbst president trump is imposing additional sanctions against iran after calling off a military strike over that country's downing of u._s. military drone last week and peers mara liasson has more president trump signed an order that he says will impose hard hitting sanctions on iran it will deny on supreme leader and other top rainiers access to financial instruments the president said he plans to increase pressure on tehran so that they will never get a nuclear weapon this comes after trump ordered then reversed himself on a military strike against iran after iran shocked down a u._s. drone there's a lot of restraint has been shown by us a lot of restraint and that doesn't mean we're going to show it in the future president trump pulled the u._s. out of the nuclear deal and placed crippling economic sanctions on iran in the hopes iran would agree to a different deal or change its behavior that has not happened mara n._p._r. news washington u._n.'s high commissioner for human rights michelle balat is criticizing governments that prosecute people who helped migrants flee their country or enter another one illegally lisa shlein explains but sledge calls this worrying trend this year should reports more than one hundred ordinary people in europe have been arrested or prosecuted for feeding hungry migrants helping them find shelter or even in one case getting a woman in labor to a hospital to give birth persecutions of ordinary people seeking to helping deals in distress hold taking place in the united states and elsewhere in several countries newly measures aimed to penalize and ios which rescued people drowning at sea bucks let's says criminalising acts of basic human decency must be resisted for n._p._r. news i'm lisa shlein in geneva extreme be easier to figure out your medical bills president trump is expected to sign an executive to order this hour requiring doctors insurers and other health providers to disclose more information about prices before the patient receives healthcare services health and human services secretary alex as our asian empowerment of course requires grandparents around price and quality those rules aimed to bring that transparency to the healthcare system where patients usually don't find out how much a procedure costs until they get a bill in the mail a longstanding ban on immoral or scandalous words and symbols has been struck down by the supreme court the justices today ruled against the trump administration which defended the law involving a clothing brand with a name that could be heard as follow language the court found the law the nineteen o five law violated constitutional free speech rights wall street is trading and mixed territory at this hour the dow is up twenty points at twenty six thousand seven hundred thirty nine the nasdaq down eighteen points at eighty thirteen the s. and p. five hundred is down three points at twenty nine forty seven you're listening to n._p._r. news and i'm jimmy floyd for w._n._y._c. in new york at three or four the democratic presidential debates begin later this week the d._n._c. and n._b._c. networks randomly divided the crowded field of candidates into two groups of ten appearing on two consecutive nights when thursday and thursday ford and political science professor christina greer says for candidates with low poll numbers like senators cory booker and kirsten gillibrand as well as mayor bill de blasios this will be an important opportunity to pick up some momentum their main issue will be introducing themselves to potential voters and potential donors from across the country you know all of them will have their websites that they'll shut out really quickly i'm sure the debates take place from nine to eleven pm on wednesday and thursday nights they air on n._b._c. m._s._n._b._c. and telemundo and of course we will have coverage starting on wednesday morning here on w._n._y._c. a pair of daredevil siblings has successfully cross times square on a high wire nick and liana will end up made the walk twenty five stories above as onlookers watched the stunt sunday it was liana will lend us first stunt since an accident two years ago left her with severe injuries she says she's no longer haunted by that near death experience i was worried i was going to be more nervous but but what i said israel the fear really is gone i had i had gotten fear kind of grip me for a little bit after the accident and i it's gone i was home the will lend us completed their walk across a thirteen hundred.

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