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A few people have asked by conroy ding this week while i'm on my nearly ten year old time which it's called and fiber his time vx aw and it's got the company yellow urus wheel so yeah i'm not sure i want to tackle a steep kobo descent well we might not have any choice we've gotta get down some way so what do we know about getting them well they're seven races today for elite men and women under twenty three's juniors and images the race was started in nineteen thirty four making it the oldest of the three i've seen this week founded by textile manufacturer and the cost has always been characterized by the wind and the camel bird back in the day it used to head right up to the coast but these days doxa bit short of that nevertheless the stretch known as demurred and near is notoriously windy the camel climate actually i did in nineteen fifty five and today the race will tackle it twice once from each direction this year they've added the pook streets and there are some that say is gimmick too far off lifted to the race other than the prospect to punctures it's gonna be interesting to see how it plays out there have been several threetime winners in the racist history including rickman louis eddy merckx mario cipollini and tom bone in the seventy eight additions that have been forty eight belgian winners giving a home success rate of sixty one point five percent a women's race when i didn't twenty twelve but the women would not get the challenge to tackle the pook streets today which i think so real shame.

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