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Our technical director here at Scotiabank arena. Corey small at twenty five second Mark from Josh Burt and Shaun Evans one nothin buffalo shots, favoring the rock. Five four will pick up pace down to the buffalo zone days. Smith will take the ball at midfield all by his lonesome and approaches teammates already stationed down to the rock zone shot. Evans in familiar position left scoots outside restraining goes for right wing passivity. Corey small now into the near corner ticket Josh bird. He takes a couple of wax. Double now to the far side over to digging date. Smith could pick by Hogarth fires the ball wide. Nice pass by day Smith over the Hogarth blind pick and roll their from Hogarth. Settle for backhand several shot that misses the net. But they really were able to make something out of nothing there dates Mithra shut down thirty second shot clock expires on buffalo. So it's Toronto. Ball back out at midfield. And they're approaching the bandits restraining line for their side. Now afar. Cy pass ball is tipped over by Johnny palace who had seven points last week against dope. You over to Schreiber Schreiber's from left now scoots in front. Let's relate takes rive and bits is there seems to be one of Shriver's Patna shots. Low laser Toronto forced to settle for shots. Buffalo keeping everything to the outside Toronto's that forced to settle for these outside shots venos- just following up moments ago, a good shot by Ian McCabe. But it goes over the glass into the crowd. So it's those ball on the reset they lead it one another clue j with a low drive in rose makes the save the way he just scoops that ball the webbing of stick. He's ready to scoop that rebound. He knows he blocks the ball. It's gonna bounce at front of him. And it does at the edge of the crease he comes out at scoops it up. We saw last game in buffalo. Thomas Hogarth Mehta pay for that. Because Hogarth got loose ball before rose put it over the top Toronto at the ball down. The ban that so time ticking on the shot clock ten they've gotta move it. A little bit faster down one nothing. Twenty five seconds into the game. Correspondent scores for buffalo. Now digging the side looks like penalty coming up it gets the band into shot straight on Vince makes save Stiebel. We're gonna have the first call.

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