Norwegian Government, China, Japan discussed on FT Big Read - China trade: Wielding the boycott weapon


And with the impact what strong on virtual industries over the last two to three years the norwegian government was very hard to repair the damage to the extent that late last year they signed an accord with china to mend by economic and political ties and pledged in the strongest possible terms that they would respect core chinese interests which means not doing things like giving prize as to chinese dissidents saw missing the dalai lama the tibetan spiritual leader who beijing does not like so i think as cases where it's been very successful but if you look at japan the pressure doesn't seem to have worked quite so well in china's ended up now with a leader in albayan japan whose rather more towards the right wing will nationalistic side of things so it's arguable whether the hardline approach take much my china's was japan's in some sense left the dealing with a much tougher need that and lastly ban woken south korea really do about this do they have any sort of recourse under the world trade organization all really is their only choice to somehow give concessions towards china i think there's a worry for many countries not just off grid hitting the end february on pap support from the us that country the twoweek economically and politically and companies to to stand up to china on these issues that are certainly affair that has one and we could emmett put it china is too big too fault you simply can't afford to criticize them.

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