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All right, you're up, Tom. All right, well, you know, just a piggyback a little bit before about the car is that I recently learned something with Ric ocasek's death. You know, just again, the Googling things. And when the first because I remember when the first cars album came out and it blew up, it was big when I was in high school. It was huge. And when I come to learn, and then he died, I don't know, the whole time frame for me was kind of, you know, honky, but he was 35 years old when that first album came out. And I mean, for the, you know, for a music career. For a rockstar, 35 years old, you know, and then just like, you figured it was so big and I mean, they obviously they did some things thereafter, but it was like, well, what happened to them, you know? Well, you got old, you know what I mean? You know, you kind of age out of the whole thing, you know? They had a sound though. They had that sound. Oh yeah. That was kind of eternal. But I'll tell you what, fucking boring and concert. I've heard that fucking stereotype. They just stand there, yeah, yeah. The eagles look like they're who? It wasn't quite like over in the over in the UK, the Manchester, the madchester era when they had the gays gays rock with these guys that just looked down at their feet. And they played like you said, Mark, like 12 minutes songs. Just chance, but they would never look at the crowd. They just gazing at their feet. I worked. I worked with one of England's most famous shoe gaze musicians. He left music to become a Porter at the natural food store and worked at. That was called slow dive. There are pretty well-known in England. They're considered rockstars, but he went to go out into a bank called monster movie, but when I worked there, someone goes, that's Christian Seville from slow diversity. But he went back to music, he just got tired of it when it comes to America, but he was one of those original shoe gaze where they did work though. It was the music. Lent itself to that kind of inactivity, I guess, or that. That sound. I love that sound. Oh yeah, me too. But the car has ever seen him like it with midnight special and it just did there. I saw them at the pasta gun. They played two nights at the Boston garden, probably around 81. And their hometown band, and the first night they played, let the good times roll, and then they didn't play it the second night. And as you all know, we go to concerts to see certain songs. Are we want to see certain songs along with the band itself? But overall, if I was going to rate it on a scale of one to ten, the sound was okay because it was the Boston gods the old Boston guys. It was fucking an acoustic nightmare in there. We then drunk. Fucking stoned. Whatever one of my buddies is doing on my other friends. Other illicit drugs, not me. But I don't know. But yeah, just to watch them, it's like, okay, I can fucking stare at the album cover and do this. You know, it's like that I saw them check the box and you move on. Move on. All right, so you're disappointed. It's not a show. You're watching him rehearse. The band were like that, too, apparently the band didn't talk to the audience much..

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