Clint Boyer, Brad, Kevin Harvick discussed on The Final Lap Weekly - NASCAR Racing Podcast - #470 Billy Johnson / Daytona Preview


Clint boyer audio is always stellar areas let's face it short round never been my strong see here long irons arnn thank god we got along around their hell as outta tires by the time i got done tarrin hell out of my car i was at a tires on those stages the i mean obviously is the first crack at it that's what links to tour praise cars eat is such a short stage here's some some technical the a strategy that you got to try to play and get trap position and then all of a sudden you're you're on the bad santa tires trying to hold guys often you block in there there are stacked up behind them and it's just a it's a recipe for disaster um you know i didn't the 47 car down there i just didn't seem knock whole front end off our car and somebody else i was i had a really good round on and thought they were going to give it to me and they didn't brad spun me out morning days is that like a horse talk or or what a very technical coming from more technical but hey you know with the everything that happened throughout the day for him i know he's bummed because he wants to win really badly and the fourteen team as had stretched throughout the season where they look like they could win a race but man he came so close this week even with all the crazy chaotic stuff on the track be stuffed fill pretty good finishing second overcoming all that adversity bullets at victory late or his teammate decided to occupy that kevin harvick first career win at nomo i thought he'd had a couple of by now but now i wanted a season an eleventh different winner of 2017 one is a cucumber win though and let's hear from that's not right as a it's all good canada areas l we doubled our our total in one weekend so but we definitely check the most important one often and that's uh that's definitely a in in the cup series.

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