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Now, I was I was team Yanni's I'm leading their bills are team. And you know, it sees LeBron James. You know, if you will have told me that six years ago, I've never never never thought about this position to college basketball now and the win streak is over driving right side. Walk by Kravis. Chase down by hero hero beats Hagans Kentucky on the road gets down. The late goes to the ramp. That's enough. Hey, Tom Leetch with the call on the Kentucky sports network. PJ Washington scored twenty three points. Kelvin Johnson added nineteen and number five Kentucky upset number one. Tennessee eighty six to sixty nine Saturday night to end the volunteers nineteen game winning streak. RJ barrett. Had dukes. I triple double in thirteen years finishing with twenty three points, eleven rebounds and Tennessee's as he's second ranked the blue devils knocked off North Carolina's state ninety four to seventy eight number three defeated San Diego, seventy nine to sixty seven and number seven Nevada dominated Wyoming, eighty two to forty nine NFL news, Colin kaepernick's, lawyer Marghera goes believes his client who play in the NFL. Again, Gary goes appeared on CNN yesterday and mentioned the Carolina Panthers. As a team he could see capper Nick playing for the thirty one year old capper. Knicks most recent NFL action came in two thousand sixteen when he appeared in twelve games. And made eleven starts for the San Francisco forty Niners on the ice, the lightning point that Canadians. Three nothing. Islanders top the Oilers five two shorts three connects to win. The Bruins won their fifth straight over the kings. I'm Anthony Perrino..

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