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News room at one oh three will shut downs at food processing processing plants are turning into nightmares for Minnesota hog farmers they are very upset TopBuild to swallow financially to an emotionally rusty clover got some really bad news this morning come this Thursday he'll have to euthanize his pigs because with processing plant shut down due to covert nineteen there's nowhere for him to keep the market ready animals he says they normally would send their hogs to the Smithfield plant in South Dakota but that's close because of the virus and other plants like JBS in Worthington have also shut down causing a backlog of pigs not just a few but we're we're talking thousands and thousands of pigs he says he's been very emotional thinking about the process of putting the animals down and doesn't think he'll be able to watch in the west metro Susie Jones news talk eight threo WCCO officials with the state department of health say there are fourteen additional deaths being reported due to corona virus that's half the states one day high which was reported yesterday brings the state's total to two hundred eighty six fatal cases there are now tests confirm thirty eight hundred twenty one cases that's a rise of two hundred fourteen from yesterday but a hundred thousand people being allowed to go back to work today on clear how many of those one hundred thousand actually are going back to work but most of them in the heavy industry manufacturing sectors wells some office spaces Republican Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka telling WCCO is rishi Raj Kumar at this group of workers as part of five hundred thousand the file for unemployment benefits I hope that they'll come back out yeah that's the part we we don't really know for sure is what kind of impact of these businesses not being able to function for this for this long is happening but it's encouraging news that we're trying to get back to the new normal but yeah we don't know exactly what it's going to mean he says having more testing and more protective gear has been critical to moving toward re opening some of the state's economy while food trucks back out in downtown Minneapolis on this night nice day though with most of the work force still at home not exactly bustling hibachi daruma truck owner Yang Alvarez says they're taking precautions sanitized quite often I Y. I've had all the time bush hands all the time so yeah yeah I don't see any.

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