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I cannot fathom what the cow has first nation is going through what people all across the globe indigenous people all across the globe. Go through as we unearth this history that they've known about the entire time that they've carried the heartbreak and the suffering and they're very cells over years and years and decades and decades. And you know. I am glad that the canadian government is doing this even if it was because indigenous people force their hand and i would like to see more acceptance and more action from the catholic church to face this horrific history. Because tell you what across the globe. A lot of these schools were run by the catholic church the secretary of the interior deb holland in the united states last week announced initiative to start searching the grounds of federal boarding schools in the us. Because as you said we know that this wasn't limited to canada at all it probably wasn't limited to schools run by the catholic church There is a lot of history that needs to be face here. It's going to be heartbreaking to grapple with and also it's really important to validate the stories that indigenous people have been telling us for a long time and these stories are so upsetting. You know i was reading a new york times article that said there people who frequently talked about young girls in these schools being impregnated by church officials and the infants being incinerated. I mean it's awful. It's awful and you know what. I can't stop thinking about as i read about these stories. Just what it must be like to be part of a tribal nation or a person whose ancestors were enslaved and watch the fights that we're having in our politics right now Watch somebody like. Dan crenshaw talking about an olympic athlete. Who turned away from the flag or to listen to the conversations about critical race theory and to just see that we haven't learned anything. You know that we continue to insist on this version of ourselves as heroic and noble and unimpeachable all when the truth is right here in front of us Emma truth doesn't mean that we are condemned forever to behave as our ancestors behaved. The truth is they are to free us of that history right and to welcome us into a world that is so much more loving it just embarrasses me our current discourse side by side with these revelations. It just makes me feel so ashamed as is often the case. Some of the difficult history is really really hard to wrap your arms around and understand. And i always find fiction to be one of the best ways to do that you know. We put this tender land in our box last quarter because i read it last year and i thought it did such a brilliant job of telling the story one small story one small part of these indigenous schools in the histories there. So i highly recommend you. Check out that book if you have if you want to learn more about this history if you want to hear stories about what happened in so many parts of the world to indigenous children so a lot of heartbreak and a lot of grief this morning we also have some really hopeful news. I am so excited. The new york times is reporting this morning that there's new research showing that the pfizer and moderna vaccine the immunity from those vaccines could last year's if you've had cove it and you got the vaccine. They say it could last a lifetime. Beth can you. Please tell the people. Because i did not document this on the show but you heard me say what two months ago. Three months ago that this would be the case. Please tell the people. Sarah has been monpoint her optimism. I have been praising the pessimist this morning. But i'm also going to praise the optimists because there has been on point with her optimism. From the beginning. I remember her telling me that. My parents probably had excellent immunity from getting covid that lasts for quite some time. I remember her saying that. She thinks the vaccines protection will last much longer than anyone was talking about. And so kudos. Sarah and your belief and faith in the sciences You know what. I was thinking about this morning because while i would like it to be just about being like super smart. Let's be us. I'm not like i'm not a scientist. I think i'm smart. But i'm not a scientist honestly think some of my optimism comes with my obsession with history and i just think my like history spidey sense went up because i've heard a lot about these moments in history where science changes things. We're sighing all of a sudden. Everything is different. And i've read enough about it that i feel like i could recognize it and that just from the second. This technology came out. I thought it wasn't the second it came out. I knew about him. Arna result from pfizer came out. I thought okay. When maderna's results came out and they were ninety percent. That's when i was like this is it. Everything is different now. You know. I'm in the gut. Try it on the india graham so my was just like and my history spidey sends. Everything was like this is different. And so just saying everybody should have taken advice though snuff founded in actual scientific studies at that point in time. I just feel really good. That was right. I wanted to be right. Right is good. This is very very very very good news again. I need them to get this. Mri situation for the flu vaccine. And then we'll we'll really be ready to party. I think you're right that things are different now and that we're going to see vaccination against just a host of issues and not just but treatment for previously untreatable or treatable only really grueling ways So i'm super excited and that is not your only positive medical news this morning. No because we are truly. This is another one where i'm like. The history is good a show. This was the moment where things were. Changing. do you remember when we talked to susan page about nancy pelosi and we talked about how her brother who died really missed that moment..

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