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Being paid to how am i capturing the information that i need from this more complex system to answer these more complex questions. I think is a good thing and there are lots of patterns practices at your news to make sure to minimize. You've gotta work that you have to do to make sure you're on the right path but ultimately all of the custom logic all of the things that bottom line things that are going to be inside or head yet. It seems that as the trends in software architecture move towards micro services and towards surrealists components observability trends alongside those as you know moving from a place where it's a subset of context in which it's worth the effort to instrument the correct things about to say instrument instrument all the things but not up almost all the things <hes> and set up these circumstances in which you can ask questions about your unknown unknowns towards a place where it's it's more broadly. Everyone's going to need this if we're going to continue to move into this more nebulous leila cloudy apologize for the pun circumstance of listen micro services because we don't have we started as close to the quote unquote metal as we used to be like you said when we used to have just grabbed counters things are things are changing as we move in that direction observer ability becomes more and more paramount i mean i think that service rate this also.

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