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You doing? Oh, Mary, Mary festivus. Yeah. I got a chrome cast. But I'm afraid the thing just died when you put that button on the side. It's one of the old fashioned little hockey puck like, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yep. And when you push that button on the side when you have a plug into an ACM, I port isn't the reset button supposed to make a light flash somewhere? Boy, it's been a long time since I've used that old chrome cast you have it plugged into power. Right. You got it on USB power. Yeah. I've got to plug into in. An HP computer plugged it in the back of the TV. I didn't get anything there either. Because that's where I used to use it TV's have USB ports. And if you can now, I think the key is depress it and hold it. Right. Not just not just press press it and hold it until you see a light blinking. I think that as I remember that's how that will. By the way, set it up from scratch if that's what you wanna do. I'm doing that right now. And I'm not getting anything I've been holding it. Okay. It's dead. Yeah. You should see an orange light flank flick flickering while it's rebooting. All right. So you need a new one. The good news is thirty five dollars in the new ones, are frankly heck of a lot better than the old ones. I also. Yup. They don't they're not pucks anymore. They're look like USB keys a plug into the HDMI port. Yeah. I think it's just I mean, if you think about it. It's a little device gets pretty hot. If you've ever noticed. I wouldn't be went back there. It gets pretty hot. So I think that's. I had was about these zip drives zip drives. Wait a minute. Zip drives holy cow. Yeah. Now, my my longtime ago I bought a machine. Yeah. Remember the machines? Oh, yeah. It had an internal drive. Yeah. Came with one. Yeah. And I was recording a lot of my photographs and everything and putting them on zip drives some of them started going bad. And I understand that you said that if you took a one that was good and put it in that this is a trip down memory lane. You talking about the click of death. This is this is almost twenty years ago. Got an external one that put in a USB port. Now this machine is so it never even had a USB port. Yeah. So if you what happened with zip drives man, I'm glad these are gone. What what happened at the time? I remember these were a whopping hundred megabytes on one disc. Holy cow. How do they do it? You may remember when they went bad the way, they would sometimes go bad is actually with a with a media problem that could could actually propagate to the next drive and make it bad. So you would actually it's we call it the click of death because it would kill the drives as you went through drives. So if that's what's going on if that's what's going on. Absolutely. You don't want to. Here's my friend. Steve Gibson has a whole thing on this. And I think it's still at his side GRC dot com. He was the one who I told us about the click of death back in nineteen ninety nine. The on screen savers. Can you still find zip disks? I don't need to find anymore. I'm not gonna use those again. No, please. Don't get them off. I want to get the pictures off whatever I can get right and put them onto a USB key or something like little flash. You only have one zip drive. Right. So it's not really you don't have to really worry about. Actually, I bought another one that plugged into a USB port, and I plug some of their I would read about the clicking death before you before you go too much farther, just to make sure you don't have it. He has a little sound file on there. They'll tell you what it sounds like it. Sounds like. Yeah. There's the sound of the click of death because click click click. That's why they call it the click death. Oh well. I don't know. If that's what it is. You said you can't read the disk is that all it. Yeah. Yeah. It doesn't do anything. They haven't played with it. And so long it could just be because I knew said that long time ago, and I went yeah. Maybe I should it's much more. It's much more likely. It's you know, it's the things twenty years old is probably did it contaminate..

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