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Impose a time penalty. Now in this case. I guess they chose the time penalty. And i have to say. I guess because i looked everywhere in all of the official timesheets and documents that mo- gp releases after the race and if they did assess a time penalty. I couldn't find it. I couldn't find out what exact amount was added for each of those riders and their official end of race margins to fabio quad charro on the final lap also match the times that were listed on the official stats at the end of the race. So in the end it seems it seems like race direction simply said well all right since both of you did it. We're just gonna say that. Two wrongs cancel each other out. Make a right. We're not gonna worry about doing anything. Specific in handing out any penalty which of course flies directly in the face of what happened in the motive to race when it came to joe roberts where he was dropped off the podium and along those same lines if race direction does get a level of discretion when it comes to what penalty gets handed out when someone exceeds track limits them. Why isn't there. Also some level of discretion in calling the infraction in the first place. I mean jack miller a maverick daniela's said as much after the race. They agreed that none of the writers that we've been talking about over the past couple of days. jamir miguel olivera or joe. Roberts did anything that would have resulted in them. Losing a position had that been real grass instead of green paint and so for whatever reason they decided to leave show a mirror and miguel oliveira in the positions that they crossed the line. In at the end of the race that level of latitude that level of judgment should also be allowed when it comes to determining whether a rider has exceeded track limits in a way that would be advantageous to their finish in the race as well. I mean i don't wanna keep rehashing this over and over again but it should be judgement call. Sometimes we may not like that judgment but as long as we know that somebody who is knowledgeable in the sport. Motorcycle racing specifically motor racing looked at that videotape and then turned around and said we've determined that a writer in that position would not were would have lost a spot had that been grass. I'm way better with that. Then having no gray area at all and seeing the weirdness that we witnessed last weekend in italy. But i don't know maybe i'm alone in that opinion on by the way i'm miller's tassie girl i agree with you that joe roberts was really the one that got the shaft there Jack miller called it straight up. Bs and i can't think of any better description than that. I mean let's be honest marco zaki. He was happy for the points. He's not gonna turn those down and he may not be able to turn those down at the end of the year but he didn't wanna get on the podium. That way anymore than joe wanted to lose out on the podium. That way and speaking of joe roberts gay on two wheels wanted to give props to both joe and camera bobi mentioning where cam came from the grid twenty fifth to finish eighth in the moto to race. And you know what. Cameron is going to get a handle on qualifying as the season goes on. He's going to get more experience. He's gonna start up further in the pack. And i agree. It's going to be a lot of fun to see what camera boba can do when he eventually gets to the point where he starting on the first three rows. Extend that comment to alex rennes enjoy. Mirian motor jp as well chunky. Kiddie wasn't a big fan of the action in the motogp. Erase last weekend. And i can appreciate that. You don't overlook everything. Zhou amir miguel olivera. They provided some excitement in a little bit of uncertainty at the end of the race. But i figure that you were probably hoping for a big do qadi yamaha shootout and i was hoping we were gonna get something like that as well. It certainly didn't materialize. Although i think funchal meyer nailed it of all the nfc last weekend petco back. Nyas definitely the biggest because there was a much better chance for an exciting race. Had he been able to stay in it and slug it out with fabio until the end but in addition to the mirror and olivera thing. I would also argue that. You have to appreciate just how well fabio ran that race. I mean yes sometimes you blowouts and when you get blowouts that typically means that you've just witnessed something awesome from a rider in the field. In this case that was bobbio yaro with suzuki. Both getting back on the podium at least broke up some of that yamaha yukata dominance. That's kinda set in at the beginning of the year. And i also think that when it comes to mugello the moto. Gp race in being framed by moto three and moto to both of which were antastic battles. I mean moto. Three was an incredible scrap from start to finish and moto to snatched a thriller out of the jaws of boredom. So that made the moto g p race. Seem that much more uneventful by comparison. So i do think that there were some positives to take away from that motor. Gp race you know the way. Fabio roads some interesting riders on the podium. But yeah you know. It wasn't the fender the fender thriller that we saw at the end of the moto to race and from start vanish in the moto three race on but speaking of that kids emoto gp. That takes us over the pedro on facebook. Who said that. Hey wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute. Everybody seems to be proclaiming that. Ktm is made this great leap forward because they got on the podium and they got to riders in the top five last weekend. But what's that based on. Because after all they were able to get a tire that really worked well with the bike in this race but instead of just saying oh well it's product of hard front tyre. Everybody seems to be focused on their chassis as the deciding factor and because of that it wasn't just they got one good race in or they took advantage of a good tire option. But all the sudden. It's this monumental leap forward. Well i don't know about a leap per se. But i do think it was a step forward and that is considering that the is a super tire sensitive bike and they do like to use a harder option which they were able to do in mugello and that was a far cry from the tire issues that we've seen them struggle through this your most notably where the heart option that. Miguel olivera used to win the race. Last year was removed from the allocation. And they went from a victory and two riders in the top four to just one writer in the top five and everyone else thirteenth or worse at the end of the day. But i will say that i think all of the enthusiasm surrounding ktm as long as we don't use the word leap but maybe the word stepper too. I think it is properly attributed to the chassis. I think that's accurate. I mean even before sunday's race the ktm factory riders were talking about how this new frame was specifically designed to help them lean less on.

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