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Yes we've talked a great length about that greek alphabet soup of covert nineteen variants. And yesterday i kinda cracked myself up. It was kind of an inside joke to me. I mean or you could say it's great to me but talking about that a new variant and we haven't even discussed the won the lambda variants. I think i'm saying that correctly. Okay all of you. Greek aficionados there. Those who are well versed in all things greek. You can tell me if i'm pronouncing. I'm believe it's lambda and yesterday. I was playing around with the mou virus. It's actually pronounced mu. But i just couldn't help myself because once again it seems as though The politicians in their quest for consummate power and control their never ever going to let go of this pandemic which by the way will eventually morph into an end democ. If you think you're going to wipe out a stamp out covert nineteen. Well you might be deluding yourself because it will be with us for time immemorial but unfortunately they have traffic to in the politics of fear and fear is such a powerful motivator as we have seen over the past eighteen to twenty months because unfortunately with the delta variant continuing to surge. Well the litany of mandates restrictions everything related to kovic nineteen guidance That ever changing litany. I might add continues because they. They've instilled fear in so many of us. Well fear leads to power. Think about it. Power to as many Would agree to strip us of our rights and that leads to consummate ultimate control. But yeah you've got the world health organization monitoring monitoring this new corona byron's variant named mu or mou as. We're all expected to fall into line. Don't ask any questions now. Seven fifty two now northern colorado's voice one. Oh three one. Thirteen ten kfi k. Northern colorado's voice one or three one. Thirteen ten kfi. It's seven fifty. Six brawl brings rams football tune into rams week day. Thursday nights at five on northern colorado's voice. One zero three point one in thirteen ten. Kfi k have the western energy alliance three other industry trade association sending a letter to the house natural resources nitty expressing opposition to costly revenue raisers included in their legislative markup hearing the current version of the legislation check this out raises six billion dollars by increasing revenues and fees on oil and natural gas produced on public lands and waters. And then you have the western energy alliance and the petroleum association of wyoming well joining forces asking the court to overturn the administration's ban on oil and natural gas of leasing. Tell you what we're going to check in with kathleen scum gonna talk pelosi pork as well. So you wanna stay with us for that with a kathleen scott President of the western energy alliance when she joins us at eight. Oh five thirteen. Ten one zero three one. Kfi greeley closing in on eight o'clock..

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