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Did it didn't have a lotta disposable income the sorts of five thousand dollars this is this is this is going to be significant risk and sacrifice and the trainer tells my dead this horse doesn't like to train it only likes to compete and when i wake up in the morning to run it and horses run real early run about six six thirty in the morning a horses done for the day all the horses in the stable or done by eight a m train horses the very early thing and they're sweaty in their lather in you've got a cool down if you guys have never seen the back side of a track their lot like a human being a horse will sweat is not like a dog be covered in sweat latte and you've got a cooling down feedom right but a bakken put a back in the barn so texas yeah this horror sheikh e e can't you can't work at in training you just walk at around the track every morning you'd his gallup at l'oreal gently around the try let all the other one sprint and run let it be the lazio's went out there and on game day this horse will show up so this is the only information we have and that is ridiculous everything that tax irwin said and everything i just said you about this horse is ridiculous my dad did it so texters train training this horse against son vest son vest winds five in a row which ties the portland meadows track record he goes for his sixth race in a row which is now featured in the oregonian they make this big deal about it because this this r a record of attracts about to be beat he loses that race by photofinish so we ties the record he doesn't beat and then he wins his next three.

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