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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Lakshmi Singh the search is now over for passengers who were onboard an amphibious duck boat when it capsized Missouri's table. Rock lake last night divers have pulled the last four bodies from the water in all. Seventeen people died Blake farmer of member station. W. p. l. n. reports the boat capsized during an intense thunderstorm that kicked up high winds meteorologists say winds, could have exceeded sixty five miles an hour in the storm and an eyewitness video taken from the shore shows to duck boats tossing about in high waves on table rock lake only one made it to safety the other carrying more than thirty people turned. Over and sank to the bottom emergency responders say. The vehicle had life jackets on board the National Transportation, Safety, board has sent, a crew to investigate duck boats are used for sightseeing around the world but the boats maker has experienced some safety problems in two thousand. Sixteen the company agreed to pay a million dollar fine when one of its. Vehicles collided with a bus in Seattle Title for NPR news I'm Blake farmer in northern Arkansas the, government is in the process of complying with a court order to reunite the remaining migrant families who were divided at the southern US border under President Trump zero tolerance policy on immigration Report submitted to a San Diego, judge who ordered the reunification states that this week hundreds more children were returned to their parents. Julie small of member station k. q. e. d. has an update three hundred sixty. Four children are back in the arms of their mother or father but they're just a fraction, of the children ages five to seventeen the government cleared for reunification and a, significant number of kids are in limbo because of questions about their parents some were deported from the US others were deemed unfit because of criminal passed earlier this month the government returned fifty seven. Children under the age of five, to their parents but nearly as many little children were not. Reunited attorneys for the families are still waiting for the. Government to explain why officials have to reunite the remaining children by. Next week for NPR news I'm. Julie small in San Diego the Trump administration defends its policies vital to curbing. Illegal immigration the White House has discussions are already underway to welcome Russian president led Amir Putin to Washington DC See this fall President Trump's aides are in the midst of damage control. Over a highly unpopular summit Trump had with Putin on Monday in Finland where Trump's stunned Democrats, and many Republicans when he contradicted US intelligence findings that Russia has been attacking, the US political system it's still unclear if Putin will be extending the lavish or if Putin will be extended the lavish welcome of a state visit at the White House over the last few. Years the US and its allies. Distance themselves from Russia over number of offenses include Russia's military. Incursion in Ukraine and most recently the Kremlin's alleged role. In a nerve agent attack on British soil From Washington this is NPR. News from k. q. e. d. news I'm Brian watt north bay congressman Jared Huffman is pushing legislation he says will, modernize how presidential candidates are granted access to national security secrets the Bill. Was prompted by bipartisan uproar over President Trump's apparent reluctance to criticise Russian President Vladimir Putin at a joint news conference here's congressman Huffman we have, to think about this surreal situation we find ourselves and where we're asking questions about an American president that no one should. Ever have to ponder does Putin have something over him Huffman says his Bill would allow candidates to, apply for a security clearance background check to show they have nothing to hide, Trump has repeatedly denied ties with Russia and touted the benefits of cordial relations with Putin in sports major. League baseball the, giants and as are back at it tonight in the bay bridge Series this time at the, Coliseum six thirty in, little league baseball a team of all stars from two leagues. And Oakland continues, its drive toward the Little League World series today most. Of the boys played on a team that got within. One game of the World. Series tournament last year manager Steve. Pal te'o, says they've played a lot of baseball together and it shows we. Don't call plays very much guys kind of know..

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