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Our notable figures have passed away between now when the podcast comes out. Sorry but there is a little bit of time lag so at this point mark we ask you invite us talk about pieces. You've particularly having the library last fortnight. Full of my. Yeah we'll complete scott. The absurdity named cliff fish table as being by piece just record mirror and is the fans the ones who matter those who can do something perform or play those who contra critics off click and this is coming from the trash gets in a word for paper about nottingham forest. nothing it must've been watching yes. Season-ticket become most of the rest of last week. Is about extrordinary rosen. Russell interviewed sufficient. Nancy spungen the great lakes. He did this obsessive. Spent three days hanging out with them. Okay came over to sit settings on foreign very old. I don't know why just have this feeling. The intensity of times nearly died true not suspension is just come punkish. Sweet and kind. He's over two thousand pounds worth of presents. He bought me loads of close. These leather trials by nazi belt. Nice hopi rosen russell. I'm big fan of russell's rice game. She's very good she about. They're in a cab going to virgin boss. Richard branson's house. Nancy catch sight of a man of the different culture in the commerce crossing the road. I can't stand tax. Your mouth both racialist. Aw oh no we liked spades which is actually can acquired instant because most recent television few remember the name apologised skinhead culture to make great thing about how blacks and whites were united around reggae and so forth. And i keep thinking. Well i remember when i was at school those sanctions. We're going out to healing south of beating up asians goldman kentucky bashing this notion that the some brilliant sort of black and white something is whole shit just goes on and on the first night we screwed me and said yes smelly feet me. Wet the bed. I told everything he needs to know. I put not sexual warranty. Said he was pretty near virgin before. Sit says the ultimate behalf cleaner or the of her and says no things off. Have you written that down. Then says in the momentary tresors is. He often seems some not often. They're talking to him. I think because i'm particularly boring. So many people have feelings hurt by junkies. I'd roth were putting that in the piece but up spelling out. Yes it's it's terrific. He also he's really on johnny rothman's point keeps a rotten delusional disappear. Mind stars stuff. Every everyone so means the person break up sex pistols but it's broughton who ruined it. See the beach boys. We're the only necessary composition coupla quits. Mother's things from last week very saddened few annabella in though awhile coop. Recco and pretty depressing. She's just lost. Girl is terrible. Situation says my best friend. Brotzman koby all kinds of names. She settled slot and needed help. I mean this is just. It's very very sad stuff. And then this last one from las we just just ghastly pot leonard. Who wrote some stuff from madonna. He's some bearable. Just just just reading this. You want to punch him brought samelin being nice to he said i'm never been to a dance club in my life right dance music. I don't see it as contributing to coke for growth of the world. It's because long. Tenure ended up working with leonard kind. Sold alongside proud to be part of the industry of human happiness. Very cheerful gets nicer for this week. Because rover shelton mealtimes in august sixty three reviewing problems from among others savvy bull. I'm big sample matter myself. Minnesota sixty three pretty early. Several young musicians becoming grossed possibilities of folk instruments not the issue here is the baseball tradition versus innovation. Most of the point is how far resources folk instruments and folk melodies can be stretched one of the most imaginative minds working the starkness sandra bullock guitarist and banjo who formerly started classical. Trust co composition. Boston university on sunday ball fantasia guitar and banjo. Missile established himself as a partner in the folk avant garde. He draws on some melody gospel jazz. Compositions by william burton. Karl rove wanted a force and billy higgins trauma. Mr bush spends nearly twenty two minutes on steph. Sparring improvisations called blend that use the folk guitar tuned to the interval system of the arabic. Oud on a blend of american folk and jazz with musical to the middle eastern india. I i like fabulous rice fan of you. richard soundboard. Did you know sixties. I read a couple of reviews. Somewhere in american magazines reoun downbeat. And i the the mention of the as higgins records because against ramona. conan's right. oh that's interesting. And in a sunday boom foresaw a whole loudest. And i think he was a rich boy. Yes he absolutely was. He's junkie. Yep from long longtime u continuing in on junk the but there was a bunch of interesting paper david amraam and people like that doing things that are kind of crossed folk people at grandma's source of but i'm i plough planned to sound. He's lost years regarding supplies. Music rose.

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