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Information 24 hours a day powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries this fees radio now a global news update navy search and rescue crews are looking for ten sailors missing after the uss john mccain collided with an oil tanker east of singapore correspondent killed law reports five sailors were injured ten are missing upon impact between the uss mccain and this oil tanker they sailors are believed to have gone overboard in a nationwide address president trump will outline the strategy for the warweary nation of afghanistan correspondent sara murray reports a number of options are possible everything from a full withdrawal to the deployment of up to four thousand more soldiers adding to the more than 8000 american forces already there well the eclipse will start in the few hours nasr's charles fulco is in carbondale illinois an excellent spots of you it anybody who likes so tally i'ma totality hogg myself i want to go where its longest and this marks the spot for the longest duration of so talent dow futures slightly higher i'm evan haning flu verb markets encore johnson join us if we talked to jim bianco the president bianco research mack grow looked at the markets and what could be a volatile time and even cathedral market decline two eastern on bloomberg radio ralph the mobile business news 24 hours a day half bloombergcom the radio mobile app and on your radio.

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