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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. We are back with another episode of the authority project. And i have my new friend here. Eleanor masha and she is here. She says to help us become a recognize thought leader. Yeah recognized thought leader in your space in your in your particular field. Is that right illinois. That is a hundred percent accurate. Well we shall see. We shall see what she can do it on. This particular episode is very special episode of the authority project. All right ladies and gentlemen boys and girls feast your eyes and ears. It's that time again. We are live with another episode of the authority project. It's the video. Podcast streamed on facebook. Youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers business coaches and creators of all kinds on how they built authority field. And how you could mimic their success developing authority building your audience and attracting better clients to your own business now without further ado. Let's bring to the virtual stage your host. Brian s arnold back the virtual stage. It is a special time of year. This is job. I wasn't going to mention it but it is it..

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