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So so I do not put that in there. The next thing that I wanted to say was I look basically basically my criticism of Chase winovich, which trust me is in line with the internal discussions about Chase winovich are off old number one. He has not risen to being an every-down player at all this season. He had a prime opportunity early on in the season. He did have a really good game early and forget which game it was and then he did not play a lot and everybody was wondering why isn't he playing? Why isn't he playing right that continued throughout the season we have ended the season with Chase winovich his role on this team was as situational pass-rusher. He was never an every-down player that tells you everything you need to know right there about how the team views him. On a linebacker deficient team, so he didn't need to be he he didn't need to be exceptional to be an every-down player. He had to be possible because the other people they were putting in there in his stead. We're not pro bowlers by any means so he's playing behind John Simon shilique Calhoun when he's healthy Brandon Copeland lose out there like he's playing behind a whole bunch of people and write that tells you whatever whatever you see on the field whatever role a players used in on the field. That's where the coach is Bill Belichick, especially on defense Bill Belichick. God sees that player and he in his eyes Chase winovich never Rose to an every-down player why I asked the question why and what I've been told and this is this you can see this on film. He is not consistent on the edge he can he has not been they do not have confidence in him that he is going to do the right things on an everyday every down basis and so dead. That's where that comes from number to as far as his personality. Certainly. I've noticed things there was you know mugging for the camera and that was for Adam Adam richens who shoots for us. So he dragged psj.

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