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Away everyone according clear here and I'm joined today by mayor any schauble mayor of the city of Alexandria. Some people may not know that it's the home to one of the county's two courthouses and I believe is one of the oldest cities in the county maybe northern, Kentucky not sure on the the ear, but it's also happens to my hometown. So the special place in my heart. So thank you to marry shovel for brain to chat today and tell us a little bit what's going on in the. EXCITED TO HER Well great while we'll start off with Kevin. Easy question. So what do you think are northern Kentucky's greatest assets. What might you say to someone who's thinking about relocating to Northern Kentucky but specifically Alexandria? A donkey and especially Alexandra is just a big community. You know that from growing up here everybody kind of knows everybody's related to somebody in it's just such a home town small town feel but you're also close to the major you know since the Cincinnati fifteen minutes to the south the you're in the middle of basically God's country with rolling hills, cows, fifteen minutes, North Year, downtown, Cincinnati. So city of Alexandria motto is where the city meets the country. That's that's truly how it is, and so it's it really is the best of both worlds with the cows and major sports teams as far as reds and Bengals, and such like that. Nine that's very well put. It. Didn't I didn't know this city's motto for Awhile. But growing up I would always when I tried to tell people about where I came from especially from other parts a state I always said I'm kind of on the suburban fringe they didn't live in a subdivision, but it's like five Manson, your deep division five minutes deep in the country. So it's really really is kind of straddling the two worlds in Well, I have to say so. So I've been seen a lot of development happening in Alexander's specifically with residential development in I know there's more to be planned as well. How do you anticipate this impacting transportation in the city education workforce all those important things right. We are growing leaps and bounds. We have arcadia subdivision. So over eleven hundred housing units just in that one subdivision by itself that's the size of some some of our cities in Campbell county basically We also have a three other active subdivisions going on, and so we're getting some traffic for sure on that, we're working with the Kentucky State of. Kentucky and sometimes we try and fix one issue. It just creates something else that we didn't anticipate but that we're figuring that out and trying to work hard on that as far as education goes I've been in contact with Dr Rust who's the Superintendent Campbell County schools he assures me they have plenty of space.

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