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Sixteen goals. I think it's quite an answer for that. Very nice on for that This you gills francisco tondo says is florentino perez under no fire to resign due to the leaked audio's insulting players and manages the lake. They just keep on coming out the heat coming. I keep getting better and better by confidence yard. Who are the ones revealing the league's to make to make them so compelling so what's the next one because they got better and better the one mesa open today where just testing the answer. I don't know if if the view who send the questions. These frontino all revenue funnel. But there's no way no chance that frontino is gonna resign as i. I'm not even sure he cares that much. Because i don't think he's size star good look etc he's evolved. I mean he was reelected on the thirteenth. And he's not he's not. That's not going to change anything. This was in two thousand and six going in two thousand and twenty so. This is a long time ago. We're talking and i don't think that would impact he in that job to whatsoever can impact image from from the outside world of course and all of that but not nothing other than that. Jews missed not one ahead and that's the problem he'll tell you all fat but let's just say it wasn't favorable. We wanted to say. But what have you made of.

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