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Think this is a different way to approach rather than were teasing teasing. This is like the better around. he's always going to be around type. So quantum mania doesn't come out until february twenty twenty three so whether he makes a full appearance before then i'd love the how they're already. He's bathed in like purple and green and blue lights and the purple is everywhere. Why don't think we'll see. I don't think we need to see king till then but if we see other versions of king rama tut amortised vary fucking day. We're going to keep getting different than you know. Maybe each variant is like slightly worse but not the king we eventually needs to deal with. We're gonna have various just like it just makes it the concept villain that you can never like fans you could kill right right but the idea of villain that even as john major's character at the end like i'll see you get like just newly ever ever get rid of him. He always like he's destined to always do something into fuck with you. I think is is an intriguing idea and something that can be very scary. I'm traveling conqueror is bad news and maybe even this is the fantastic four in one more thing and i never watched like stuff in the past about carrying like like. I found him kind of silly. Yuck i was like oh this van traveling back in time and like wearing a purple masking shit like this is silly. But they've done a very good job of making him. not silly. Yeah we'll see if he has helmet. You can't do the terminator and you can't go back in time and kill him as he discovers time because that timelines always going to exist where he discovers it. Oh my god you can't stop him. You know you can't stop him. It's always going to happen. That's why he can be reborn. Here's one thing. I did appreciate the explain. The fucking pen and rensselaer's storyline kinda petered out towards the end. But it's one of the things. I didn't like the rivonia stuff. I didn't find her intrigue. Oh she so now. I'm pretty sure she is on the side of i don't know if she knew he who remains but she wants to protect the tv and the people who run the tv a The pen is from hunter. Fifteen is now a what woking other hunters taking them to and the time line where rivonia rents layers of principal in two thousand eighteen in omaha or something and that's not even roosevelt high school. But that's where the pens came from. So that's interesting but then all of that gets raced because he gets sent back for a season to a whole different fucking. Tv a line. So who is running. This tv is going to be another ramona. Is it the same ramona. Who's now comes over here canal. She knows more shit..

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