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So he was one of the first guys that WANNA shine account of saying he and Kilo was created the meat and then we had other sweet success in effect. Like I say a shot I feel like Atlanta really gotta sound widow and is now with these are the people who set the ground for the happening. He had one call Piz e which. I've still try to do this style to this day and I have not been able to mass it to massive established He's like Boeing his own. That's why I'm frizzell. I mean that's Liz I. If you don't like it then I tell you catch a fleet and it was so it was almost like re in. Its in his lightness and candid with dead fucking seriousness of IT and Yet Kilo to me is the prototype for the creativity that is become Atlanta. You know what I'm saying. Who officially gave us out. Of course was out outcast but Sammy Sam Kilo success in effect. The heart boys Who DOES NOT GET ENOUGH CREDIT? I WANNA play in this ghetto mafia and I can say get on. My field was they. Were were post outcast right along like right after them but they had a record straight from the day that I still think you just want a greatest rap record worth I hate. You have to listen to commercials before music. They found a way. So these guys were from Decatur. If you know anything about Atlanta Atlanta's the city of Atlanta near you have surrounding areas to Cater College Park when that county so migos. County for instance decatur is Fujimori east Atlanta Nick area our agreed and they use the stutter pattern. Later I use stuttered pattern of my first single. Did go through the stuttered patters but you can hear some of this stuff. Primero pain stay down. Say the class size big leading. Think tank so talk so good blues the twenties. That's Atlanta man. We you know we've been been having fun along time making Dope Shit. I Land Atlanta's Ron. Shit Yeah you know what I love about Atlanta. Though it doesn't rush it in in a way that is been ram before it doesn't throw his tail around also say throwing his tail around your biggest kills itself every two three years and reinvent sale like if you look at it just means you have a progressive music scene no matter what on all levels progressive from from dudes like outcasts. You know to to even the St Paul's in the Rock music which goals do not a rockstar which goes into the snap movement which shoddy low does not get as proper credit. Not only was he a rapper. He was the person as as a as a drug game. Fina underwrote a genre music the whole snap it pops like he underwrote those groups much like Gucci does now Gucci deserves credit. Not only as a rapper but just as a mobile he really has propelled a lot of careers. Everyone I I heard crunch it blew my mind. I loved it. Cronyism loved my mind is one of the seminal cronk hidden. Really which one I ever hear. Wow I never scared from played accident. Hey Mike literally go drop that be. I used to watch your shows. It'd be like damn this shit records. I was jealous. Shit like y'all now. I never scared. We reacted a couple of times together. I I really enjoy getting past that moment. Not Like I don't love it but like as a musician I was always one of my markets. I cannot get enough I will have to perform. You know what I'm saying. Do you know how you always have records. You just pray. You don't have to perform anymore after a while. I'm not mad at it but I'll just like no. I just WanNa move every cycle of my career. I've been able to shed a couple that I mean. Here's the thing was super lucky to be in that position of people considered jams from different phases of our career. The important aloes but like I've never liked looking back. I'm all because it's always felt like a waste of time and may was is like I was always desperately looking for the next idea so there does come a point where you have to reconcile with that like you have to. You have to you have to become okay with your with even your your your musical output from your past you know like you have to make it again because it is a party is the sense like it's like the same way. It's like the same thing I'm learning about. What therapy is in other words reconciling with? Who were so that you can understand who you are now being cool knowing that. That was what just happened. It wasn't that you know like a real obsession guy like myself when it comes to music couldn't go back and listen to one of my records and hear a thousand things that I wished I had done. I do the same thing everybody I argue with scarface won't our first of all about he had like. I couldn't believe he's unsatisfied with his. That's also sign a why scarface as a thirty two year for Rear Nowak albums and style seems to be constantly progressing. Because I believe in being here we are. We're forty four and we still like we're here tweaking to like I literally for months. Eight adverse came back and tweak to bars and love that because it wasn't about diverse was about those bars weren't right amazing. How sometimes small details change your opinion of a whole thing and also how delicate when you do catch something and then you try to improve upon it. How delicate that balances and sometimes you don't even know and breathe on it wrong and it goes away and you know anyone who's been making who makes records knows that despite the fact sometimes that you might be able to get a technically better version of something that you did half the time if not more you just don't want to trade it for what the original even if there was something that you fucked up. I said a word wrong but the rest I can't. I'm just going to have to let it. Be Kurt. Really mean to say a mosquito. My Libido A. P. Dizzy Gillespie plays back one of the greatest of all time because immediately. It wasn't true not true. I but it was flagged faddish even as a kid and because I knew dizzy. Gillespie was here's one on our new record and it sounded so good. I didn't give a fuck to correct. It wasn't knives I can't I can't tell you whispered. It's an hour cash reference. It named members of outcast and it expanded. Oh he he he and I do not want to change cousins. I was wondering about that. No wonder because it's funny but dizzy. Gillespie plays the saxophone. More honest than saying that. Because it's just completely ally is. This has nothing to do with any. It's like no truth and yet you're just an everybody heard. It was like. Yep He does because you just said that shit so cool fucking dizzy. Gillespie plays the sad when we come back. We'll pick up with a discussion about killer. Mike and LP'S LYRICS. We're back with run the jewels you've managed to straddle A boundary between talking about serious stuff talking about political stuff and also talk about gangster shit in crazy hip hop ler. Yeah how how? How does it feel to to dance between the seriousness of the message? And the fun of hip hop and love of hip hop man. I it's it's one of the most liberating things to be allowed to do. Because I love my public enemy I loved my Nwea extremes and I love Biz markie. Yeah you know what I'm saying and be able to have a stout as Gangsta rap center in based Heavily revolutionary rap influenced by fee and parking and morality based in terms of southern leases. Like TERMS OF FACE. Being able to be that hybrid. It's been an honor for me. Because most people you get accepted as the character you portray or the part of the Eagle you personify and my main clause like your shots out because like your knee back back there but concepts maze like he. He never let me forget. He's like a lucky. 'cause you get to be you. He saved really people to solve this. What I am on record is really me? And that's not saying you know going out fucking founded fight with hundred cops but like I am rebellious by nature. I'm also a fucking total jokester and Shit talker and if we sat in this room long enough on board. I'm going to pick up a book and just read until I go to sleep. You know so I get to be the kid I actually was like. It was weird for me. Broin up being a kid understanding the economics of I want to go to the dance. I don't have sneakers. Sleepy knows how to make fake drugs. I can sell them in my uncle. My uncle's neighbor and doing that to get new nikes and the fate goal time for the dance doing knowing how to do that but still literally loving art like to the point. I go to museums in and literally loving rap music and unders like so getting the chance to beat that record for me. I appreciate the fans now too because I think most human beings are that complex and we don't allow ourselves to be publicly. We present whoever we want the public to think we are interpreters ads and we do not show our total or willing to shelves and or allowed to do it. I think that also for us me and might there are. There are there are only few advantages to being in your forties and still in the current music land. You know as a rapper. And you know we don't talk about it that much. Asia's in the big deal but what? It is is a collection of experiences. And we're we're we're at a point. I think will work with our.

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